Monday, December 29, 2014

Some Thoughts As The Year Ends

It was a terrible, horrendous happening the assassinations of the two New York City Police Officers, a loss of life always is especially when it happens to heroes and those who seemingly never did any wrong. BUT the real sin is the guy who did it had access to guns despite the fact that he was a sick felon. A guy who was on the streets when the system should have had him behind bars. He killed himself which is another tragedy. Any loss of life is, when it happens we lose a little of our collective selves.

Mayor de Blasio has not inflamed the people against the cops. He spoke the truth about what the parents of Black young men say to their children based on years of experience. He also defended the police on many occasions. But the union representatives seem to think it is OK to say the Mayor has blood on his hands which if isn't inciting bad feelings and possible riots in reaction to these sayings by the very people who have suffered also during this time then nothing ever will.

I have known many Police Officers and some were heroic, some were not but none ever told me that they joined the force to protect society even though they did so knowing what the job entailed. They all told me a major consideration was pay, benefits and pension. Some might have told me about supplementing their income in ways that were punishable by law if caught. Remember I said "may" have told me. But I reiterate, none told me that they joined to protect their fellow citizens.

The Motion picture "The Imitation Game" is powerful in telling of the way we as a society relentlessly hounded those whose sexual preference was different than the majorities based on religious interpretation. Wonderful, brilliant men were hounded by the law into what ended in suicide. It tells me at least that Pope Francis is correct when asked about gay men, "Who am I to judge?".  The problem with judging is that eventually everyone who disagrees with the judge is wrong even if they're right.

Too many people who are in a long term marriage or relationship tend to lose the fire they once had when the relationship was in the young stages. They lose the first blush of wanting, then needing one another so much so it hurt. They settle. They grow stale and never realize it, some drift apart and never get back together. I think the memories of the first kiss, the first touch, the bonding together in the most intimate ways should never be forgotten and should remain as hot and furious until they die or the relationship disintegrates into the ashes of what once was. This should go on through all the ages from teens through 100's.  What the hell, I may be wrong but I really think I'm right.

I have come to know Jesus through writings, and I believe the touching of the Spirit. I really believe he is divine but more than that, if there can be more than being divine, he is my friend. Through him I have learned that love and acceptance is the only way to live. It starts by loving ones self because you can't love anyone if you hate yourself. This all includes forgiveness, of anyone who may have hurt you. He has taught me to enjoy all the colors of the rainbow, to laugh, love and enjoy the opportunities life gives to us all. Most important he has brought his father to me as my father and though the Spirit know if we have all that nobody can be against us. Which is really some good thoughts to end this year and start the new year.
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