Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Wonder of Being Alive

A great talent and from what I've read and heard a beautiful human being chose to end his life. His mental illness gave him no other option but to call it quits while he still had so much to give which included love to his daughter, wife and friends as well as a talent that brought laughs, tears and relief of the world's burdens to many of us. His demise has brought many to contemplate how many feel when depression overtakes them. So we as a society have been dwelling on the ills that drive us into despair leading to death of body and spirit. But I would like to take this moment to dwell on what makes living in this crazy world so worthwhile.

We walk to and fro destinations and never look around, never noticing the wonder of nature and the magic of life all around us. The trees seem so majestic and alive as the branches sway to the gentle wind kind of like waving to us saying "Here we are. Stop and take notice." admire the beauty of such inanimate objects like leaves, flowers of many colors and branches reaching up to the heavens as if to praise the creator whoever he or she might be. The birds are all about us flying or just perching on branches or wires atop of poles looking down on us. Squirrels are darting out from under cars racing to get to the other side of the street. Sounds of dogs barking and cats trying to get home after a night out on the town. Life in all it's colors are all about us and we hardly stop to notice and drink it's beauty all in.

We never even take notice of the wonder of our bodies. We are only electro-chemical beings. Our skins are solidified chemicals. Our thoughts are electro-chemical charges which cruise through our body through nerve networks with our brain sending all sorts of impulses throughout our framework using spine and spirit. We cry when we are sad. What is that about? We laugh. What a wonder that is. Laughter can lower blood pressure, release hormones that lift the spirit and keep our general well being in good shape. What the hell is that all about? The sense of touch is wonderful yet if pushed too hard that sense can bring pain. The taste of food can be a wonderful experience yet sometimes too hot and disagreeable. Yet our senses are taken for granted until they become lessened or lost. Maybe this should be the impetus of trying to remain healthy so we can continue to experience all the good things we take for granted.

One of the most gratifying experiences we can have is the experience of love. The old song says "You're nobody until somebody loves you.". For most of us we start out by being loved by Mom, Pop, then family and friends. The ultimate is being in a real loving intimate relationship with a person with whom you must share your life with or there is a hole in the life you've chosen. All those senses I've mentioned come into play, the touch of hands, the meeting of lips, entwining of bodies, the meeting of one's very soul. Far too mysterious to me to try to define.

So let us be affected by those who can't for whatever reason enjoy all the joys life has to offer, affected in a way to make their lives better if we can, at the least to support them in their need. But let us never lose the fact that there is much joy, wonder, colors galore that dazzle right here for all of us to enjoy and enjoy it we must or all the good is wasted. So live, love laugh and be happy!
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