Thursday, August 28, 2014

Before It Passes, Live The Moment

He was feeling pretty good about everything. There was nothing too major disrupting his life, everything was going along very smoothly. The fact was he was feeling pretty content and a little bored. Then in a moment without any warning everything that was going smoothly hit a bump in the road. It all happened in a flash. 

He was walking across the street and a car came around the corner and hit him, not hard but hard enough to knock him to the street. The car came to a stop and a young man stepped out and offered his hand to help him to his feet asking if there was anything he could do to help. He responded rather brusquely, "Get away from me . You've done enough already!". The young man asked again if he could do anything to help. He didn't answer this time and although this all was happening in only a few minutes it seemed as if time was standing still, not moving. Thoughts were flashing through his mind. He wondered if he was hurt, hurt badly or just bruised. He actually visualized his life changing in a flash of a moment, maybe even ending. What was seemingly a contented but boring existence now seemed precious. He saw his life flashing before him, his children, grandchildren, his love all such wonderful things, persons, all vanishing. He saw that quick as a flash everything that was important was vanishing and he really never appreciated the moments shared, the love given and taken, everything was taken for granted.

The young man shook him out of his revere by reaching down and touching him again on his hand and repeating his question about how he was feeling and if he could help him. He looked up at him and saw a guy who could have been one of his sons. He thought I could call for an ambulance, sue the poor bastard, and change his life perhaps forever and he too would feel the impact of life changing in a flashing moment. But his thoughts also imagined his family, now or in the future would be impacted. 

He shook the cobwebs from his head and even though it might be considered foolhardy he decided that he was not going to let this incident impact him negatively nor would he allow it to impact this young guy negatively either. So he gruffly told the guy to back off as he rose to his feet. He moved his arms and legs, a bit sore he thought but not bad. The young guy wanted to give him his number and such but he told him to be more careful in the future and to go on his way. 

As he continued on the way to the store for the Daily News he thought life was indeed very fragile and it could change so quickly that there is no time to change anything, to prepare. So he made the promise to himself that he would not forget this moment and he would try and live every moment as if it was his last. He would try to drink in the wonder of life, the colors all around and the wonderful gifts that were all about. 

He didn't know, couldn't know how long he would have before it would be all over, no one does, but he would keep the thought in his head that he would enjoy his children, grandchildren and his life to the fullest.
He would try very hard to drink in the wonders all about him. And most of all he would do the utmost to increase the fullness of his present loving relationship. For what is life but a brief passing moment in this cosmos and the time we have should be enjoyed in all it's loving fullness.  
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