Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Thoughts On The Human Condition

Did you ever notice how certain times certain things occur and they are important yet at another moment in our lives the very same thing happens and there is no consequence related to it? The occurrence means nothing yet once the occurrence played a significant role in one's life, one's decision making.

I guess this very strange reaction to events, significant or insignificant, has a lot to do with the stages of our life we are living at the moment. After all a child pre-adolescent has a different idea as to what a relationship is and that changes through adolescence, through young adult hood through the maturing process of marriage, young through old age. 

So then the question arises if the act is the very same and the reaction is very different what causes the reaction to be so different?  Is it the maturation process which is greatly dependant on experiences and the culture the population is in?

I guess the act doesn't really change but the intention and the the very "doing" of the act changes the impact of a certain act or occurrence. An intimate experience can be be very deeply moving and spiritual but for different reasons. One may be only enjoying the sensations the intimacy brings while another is finding it an act of love which goes beyond just the sensual feelings.  A feast might be just the satisfaction of the tastes it brings to the senses as well as the aromas and presentation of the meal while others might view it as a celebration of family, life and love. The acts are the same, the reactions vastly different. This can be extended to thoughts expressed and thoughts censored never to be expressed. Always filtering the events but for different, various reasons perhaps because the events, the thoughts might be never be understood or it would be better left unsaid because then anything that might be followed will never have to be disclosed. 

I guess then whatever truth might be it is only in the eyes of the beholder. Perception is truth to the perceiver. How one might perceive their acts, their definitions of truth, their definitions of love, relationships, of any acts or occurrences might be quite different from how their partner in a relationship might see it, be they lovers, friends, sons or daughters or just passing acquaintances. The problem always arises when perceptions are so different as to cause a disruption in any relationship. This is why friendships dissolve, as do marriages and love affairs as well as relationships between family members as close as sons, daughters and parents.
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