Thursday, February 27, 2014

Love Is Giving, Not Owning

It has occurred to me as my birthdays continue to pile up that even though we think we own things as we continue to accrue wealth, refine talents and build relationships through the cultivation of friendships and love whatever we have, whatever we are, whatever we will be is never owned on given to us to mange carefully as a steward. The definition of stewardship is "the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care". 

From the time we are little children we are developing our bodies, health, talents such as music and other arts. This is the time we are under the stewardship of our parents. They may think they own us but we knew that they didn't and the time would come when we would be on our own, acquiring and refining and in our minds owning all that we are. 

If we are careful all we have to manage including our love will include others. We will meet new people share our love, get married, have children own a house hopefully make at least enough to support all the obligations that we are putting on our shoulders. And in the process we think we have acquired things and people and we "own" them. 

What do we say to our lover? "You are mine and I am yours". This implies we "own" and are "owned" but in reality we give and receive and hopefully never possess another person because that would mean we would be prisoners of a jail that eventually would kill any freedom we might want to feel in order to grow in mind and spirit. We as lovers really are giving to one another a special form of love as they give this to us, not to own but to share and carefully nurture so we can grow as humans never to confine the other. I never want to own another nor do I want to be owned.  When perfidious actions ruin a relationship this means that the perfidious one was not a careful steward and actually was a terrible manager. Truth must always be a main factor in any part of life.

Many seem to think they own their children but in fact they don't. The stewardship we call parenting is very much needed as the children can not take care of themselves. Food, shelter, clothing, Schooling artistic development is all part of parenting which must have a foundation of love, of wanting the children to become who they were meant to be. Eventually, the child will break free and go out on his/her own to develop all their parents gave them including whatever genes they might have inherited. children are given to parents who never own them but have an obligation to help them develop and be ready to fly as an Eagle while they experience their own journey.

Material wealth is acquired but never fully owned. The rich man's grave is filled with the same dirt as the poor man's. Physical health is also lost along the way for some sooner than others but eventually this wealth of health is dissipated and what we thought we owned is gone forever.  Our talents too are eroded and gone too soon no matter what age we lose them. The great musician only creates and plays beautifully just so long but eventually like the wind the talent is gone never to be revived. 

All this should not be viewed as depressing but rather joyous. First of all we never own or are owned by any person or thing. This means we are free, free to share what we have from love, to joy to caring. Free to let our spiritual nature flow through our physical body and really enjoy living without encumbrances. Also this realization lets us realize that a full life is sharing, taking care of talents, ourselves and others and letting others take care of us as we take care of them. Parents taking care of children. Children taking care of parents. Friends always being friends. And Lovers always sharing their love. All this sounds a little Godly and maybe it is. Maybe that's what is meant by being "perfect" or at least trying to be. Never owning, always giving.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Let Me Vent

With all the hype leading up to the Super Bowl the game played proved only one thing; After all is said and done it is ONLY A GAME of football, nothing more nothing less. But one thing it proved was that this country, maybe the world for that matter, is so much in the dumps it needs some excuse to be happy, to celebrate, and that is what this week of Supercilious S**T provided. The best part of the game was Bruno Mars, forget about "The Red Hot Chili Peppers", and the commercials which were super for the most part this year. For the life of me I can't imagine needing a reason to celebrate more than the fact that we are alive and maybe can help someone who needs help. But a game? Come on!!!!!

Why President Obama allows Bill O'Reilly access to him is beyond me. Yeah, I know O'Reilly has a big following but he is a big blowhard who uses rough house tactics to bully the interviewee and nobody can win against blowhard tactics especially one who is in politics much less the President of these United States. O'Reilly interrupted, didn't allow the President to finish some of his answers and showed great disrespect. This of course has provided Fox News with more fodder for their propaganda that President Obama is a wuss and should be replaced by anyone who is a conservative who wants to keep taxes for the rich and the middle-class and the poor under their thumbs. President Obama wins no points from the right nor the left from this interview.

The Olympic Games has lost their luster but of course again the world needs a reason to celebrate. They are all about money and political objectives. The Host country makes a bundle and always seems to raise themselves in the eyes of the civilized world. The athletes eventually turn professional if they aren't already. And there is there much talk about gay issues. Just let them all, men and women competitors compete and the hell with how they enjoy sex or whom they wish to love. Come on if a guy can throw a shot put further than anyone else who the heck cares if he is straight or not. AND by the way why do we use the term straight for a heterosexual person? Does that imply a gay person is "crooked"? What bull!!!

Unless someone comes up with proof that Eric Snowden was a spy for a foreign country  you'll never convince me that he isn't a "whistle-blower" and one that has done more good than harm. I can't believe all these politicians, President Obama included really believe he could have gone through channels to accomplish the same results. Just look how shamefully Chelsea Manning was treated? They kept him in solitary confinement and finally convicted him and sent him to prison. I know he was a solider but they could have court marshaled him and treated him in a better manner. Snowden could just imagine spending most of his remaining lifetime in prison or just being kept in some far off place if he went through the "proper" channels. And I don't care what the courts say the whole NASA thing with it's FISA courts just don't smack of what a Democracy should do more like a Dictatorship.

Isn't it a funny thing that Vocational schools were phased out a long time ago and now all of a sudden the President and some educational gurus have discovered that we need schools that teach vocations, like electricians, carpenters, mechanical drawing (is that still around) and maybe all that other schooling that is being forced on our young at a great cost isn't really needed in all cases. How come we were so dumb back then and now they are so smart? These great thinkers of today. AND why do Presidents and high administrators of University's have to be paid so much. Maybe higher educational costs wouldn't be so great if these guys weren't paid so much?

Pope Francis is really running against the establishment and he better watch his back, remember Pope John Paul the First. He was healthy, energetic and considered liberal. Thirty-three days after his election he died suddenly and mysteriously. I'm not saying anything other that Pope Francis just watch your back.  There are conservatives on a high level who are not happy with your approach. But we the faithful love you!

The Yankees are crazy for spending so much money on the Japanese pitching star Masahiro Tanaka  for seven years at around $144 million besides a posting fee of $20 million to his Japanese team. They need more help than a pitcher who has shown brilliance in Japan which I am not sure is equivalent to our triple A leagues. The Yanks have had two pitchers from Japan who were flops one never made it out of the minor leagues and has returned to Japan. They have a lot of holes to fill, too many to go into here. I think they are nuts. But what do I know? Cashman and the Steinbrenner crew have a many billion dollar operation going well and they haven't asked for my input. We shall see what we shall see!!!