Sunday, January 19, 2014

Too Old? What The Heck Does That Mean?

The feeling among them all was he was just too old to be of any value or consideration. It was true He accomplished much in his day, in his way, but nothing that would make the world sit up and take notice. He was aware of the general feeling about him but he pretended to not notice. But he did notice and he didn't like it. The problem was he couldn't figure out what he could do about it.

As a young man he never wanted to do anything for money alone, that is money was never the goal of his actions. Opportunities weren't many but there were a few opportunities which presented themselves that if he availed himself of them would have led to chances of big money. But there were always compromises that had to be made that would have needed a big change in his values.

Those who knew him thought he wasn't involved with his family as he always seemed distant from them. However every choice he made in his life had them at the forefront of his decisions. He knew that along with advancement in his business there would be many temptations to cheat, his company, his values his wife. He couldn't do that to them, to himself.

But now there were none left who he could rely on in the business world. Those who were still alive and active moved on and didn't remember him or want to remember him. Those he knew could be relied on were unfortunately, dead, gone on to greater pastures or so he hoped that was the case.

He came upon this fact, every day held opportunities for those who recognized them and took advantage of these opportunities. Not all of these opportunities fit every person but the idea was to recognize where his talents lied and when opportunities came up that were a fit, those were the ones he would act on.

He came to the conclusion that as a person who could be considered "senior" he was putting too much value on what others thought. He didn't care what others thought when he was younger so why the hell should he care now? The only way to have value, be of value, is to respect yourself, know your limitations, then act when the opportunities present themselves. Nothing big had to happen and it didn't matter what others thought as long as he knew he was doing something of value. Most of all he had to love himself all over again because to do anything of value it should be done with love especially if it involved others. If one doesn't love himself how can he love others?

Some thought he was egocentric and maybe he was but if he didn't value the intrinsic goodness that he possessed  how could he value all that was before him in nature and humanity. He laughed at his thoughts and said "Screw all those who may think differently but I have a place in this world which is to do do things of value until I am no longer in this world!". With that thought in mind he turned on the TV to watch the Yankees play and win another game (he hoped).

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