Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Unrecognized Superheroes of Our World

He left the movie house chuckling to himself. The Superheroes, The Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man and their likes all had powers to beat the bad guys with eclat, a show of power and superiority. He was chuckling because he knew that many, children and adults alike, wished secretly they could be Superheroes or at least be a Robin to someone's Batman. Or at least know one of the real Superheroes. Little did they realize they probably have chanced upon, or even know a real Superhero but they never recognized them because they did it all quietly and efficiently without bullets and fanfare. But life's Superheroes continue to go unheralded without fanfare living a life of heroism without really knowing they are doing great things.

He knew a guy who wanted to be a rock musician and worked at it but his day job had him playing for old frail people, playing songs they knew and loved certainly not rock. Maybe someday he will be as popular as Dylan or Paul but for now that isn't to be. Some might be bitter about this but this guy isn't. He plays for his audience singing their songs with love and glee and fun in his heart and soul. The measure of his success may never be known to him but to some who talk to some of his audience hear how much they appreciate him and some even love him. No there is no jumping up in wild applause these people just haven't got the energy for this but there is just that going on in their hearts. Yes, this young musician is a Superhero spreading joy while releasing the chains of age and sickness as he plays and sings for those who can't sing or dance the way they once could but he lifts their hearts and spirits so that for a brief but joyful moment their spirits sing within where their youth still lies.

He found his car in the movies parking lot and he was still musing to himself about these silent Superheroes when his mind drifted to two beautiful young ladies he knew who worked in a beauty salon in the same place the musician played. The fail residents would come to them in their wheel chairs and for another brief moment their spirits would be lifted as these beauticians would bend over their chairs and dye the hair, cut the hair, style the hair and for as long as they could the residents would feel like they felt when they were young, going out on dates, alive for another day. The beauticians would be bending over and their backs would be hurting, I am sure, yet they were always of good cheer even when some resident unknowingly would strike out trying to hit them.

Driving home from this Superhero movie his mind caught a glimmer of his own family, cousins who quitely fought in the big war and left wounded or the cousin who gave up his dream of playing ball because he knew he had to provide for the girl he loved and the family they were sure to have. He became a cop and even though there was no Bat signal on the moon he was there to chase the drunken driver and perhaps run towards danger while we ran from danger. He thought of his own brother who wanted the best for his mother even when he himself was dying from cancer.

His car came to a stop in front of his house. He got out and proceeded to the front door where he proceeded to unlock it. As he entered the darkened house he thought his life was certainly filled with light by the Superheroes he has encountered who are doing the little things that need to be done or this civilization of his would crumble.  As he finally got into bed he chuckled to himself because a silly picture was needed to make him realize that his life was full of Superheroes and he was so thankful for them.      

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