Friday, August 30, 2013

When The Spiritual Meets The Physical

He was going to go along with the rest of them. He figured at the worst it would be a good show, a good experience. He wasn't quite sure if he really believed in all this spiritual stuff but he agreed to go to this restaurant where after the meal there would be an appearance of a well known Psychic. He was told there would be around forty or fifty people there which certainly meant a much easier chance for one to get a reading. He was told the term "reading" meant that the Psychic would be prompted by a spirit that knew the person he was directed to in order to deliver some sort of message to that person. He naturally scoffed at such an idea but he didn't completely reject the notion that some kind of connection with those in the other dimension could be made. Even the major western and eastern religions acknowledged a connection between the physical and spiritual world. We believe in Angels, don't we? It is written the New Testament that Joseph, Jesus' foster father  was directed by Angels in a dream to marry Mary even though she was with child that was not his and that they should leave Israel and live in Egypt until it was OK to return. The Jewish testament spoke of many including Moses and Abraham speaking directly to God who is all spirit. He wasn't quite sure if this night God, Angels, family or friends were going to speak to them but he heard the food was good and he figured so would the show be.

They got to the restaurant in plenty of time. The food was served promptly and it was good. The room was small but the forty-four people that were there fitted quite comfortably. The crowd seemed in good spirits. The room was filled with lively chatter and laughter. The coffee was served. The Psychic appeared shortly thereafter. He explained what he was about and what he was going to do. He had an assistant who traveled with a mike to the person the Psychic was drawn to give a reading.

He thought, so far so good. The meal was good. The company fine. Now this guy enters the room a slightly older than middle-aged fellow wearing a flowered shirt, Bermuda Shorts and earrings in both ear lobes. The Psychic was a happy fellow, seemingly coming from a very conservative background who suddenly woke up one day and heard some things that let him communicate with the other world, and as he put it his world never was the same. He made it clear there would be no predictions, nobody was placed in the room who was his friend and he had no other motive than to bring the message from the spirit that was in his head to whom the person the spirit wanted it delivered. He also made it clear that it was the Spirit that directed him to the person. The Psychic made it clear that he was an interpreter a vessel being used so the spirit and the person could communicate. And so the session started.

He was amused as the Psychic started for the table in the corner beside the table he was sitting at. There were two young women sitting next to one another and the Psychic wasn't sure to whom he was being directed. He only wanted answers of yes, no or I don't understand. He did not want them to give him information as he wanted to make sure everyone in the room knew he wasn't working a scam. Finally after a short time it became obvious to whom he was directed. The Psychic did this with a few people and he seemed to be right on.

As he was observing the room he had to admit to himself he was impressed. The Psychic seemed to hit on some very important things and the people he read for were impressed, some were in tears as the messages were given about loved ones who died. However in his mind this could be done by a sharp con man, asking a few questions and then leading the people down the paths they seemed to want to go. After all the Psychic never seemed to know the specific person he was being directed to and it only came to him after he questioned them.

He was chuckling to himself when he noticed the Psychic turned around and came to his table looking directly at his sister-in-law. He approached the table and asked her directly if she wanted him to read for her since he felt there would be a very emotional reading and he didn't want to upset anyone. She was so surprised and chocked up when she heard he had a message from a young girl that recently passed. Her response sounded like she was asking him to leave and he was going when her husband spoke up boldly and said she wants to hear what you have to tell her. The Psychic asked her if that was what she wanted and she nodded, yes, because she was already in tears. She had lost her niece whom she loved dearly and somehow never felt closure. She spent many nights thinking of her and some crying over the loss. When her niece passed she was frail and the wonder was if she ever became OK again.

He was sitting there wide eyed with mouth agape. Not only was this psychic right on the money with everything but he conveyed the fact that her niece was going to be her daughter's protector, sort of guardian Angel. Her daughter is a special needs person. How the Psychic knew this, and all the other things about the relationship and life of his sister-in-law without her ever saying more than yes or no or nodding was beyond belief. Before he left the table the Psychic let them know that she, her husband and daughter were at a birthday party two nights earlier. It was as if their niece threw that in for further confirmation.

He was quiet as they rode home. He was convinced something truly important had happened that night, something truly supernatural. The Psychic was directed only to her alone while at other tables he wasn't sure if it was one or another person. He knew things that only they could know, and of course her niece. Their worries about their daughter should allayed which is not to say they should stop making appropriate plans but whatever plans they make should be directed to their niece for confirmation because their niece promised to care for her cousin. He only hoped all concerned would never forget this important night when a little angel spoke from beyond through a hippie looking Psychic to allay their fears and give them her love.        

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