Monday, June 17, 2013

This Mysterious World We Live In

Have you noticed recently how wide children's eyes get when they ask a question about the world we live in? Their eyes get wider as we try to answer the question because it is met with awe and wonder. The child has not reached the stage where everything is taken for granted so that the wonders of this world is kind of by passed as though it is quite ordinary. Many times attention is diverted to the other worlds that we have not experienced such as the after-life. We wonder if any after-life exists and if it does what is it like and wonder at the concoctions we come up with. Many of us lose that child-like wonder of the exceptional world in which we live.

Consider the fact that we live not on a flat area. We live on a orb which is spinning furiously around on an axle propelling it on a journey around another orb which is giving us light, heat, vitamins, the ability to survive. We are placed exactly the distance we need to be to survive, too close and we burn, too far and we freeze. With all this spinning we remain glued to the earth by a force we call gravity, and we seem all to be stationary because I guess everything is moving at the same rate simultaneously. You would think we would be thrown off this merrily spinning orb and nothing like buildings could survive. The closest we ever came to getting an idea of what this might be like is when we were kids and we spun ourselves around until we became dizzy and fell to the ground. Unfortunately vertigo can have the same effect and surviving become a real chore.

Another mystery is the fact that everything is liquid including humans. What we consider solid is solidified chemicals. The discovery of genetics which has only come into it's own over the last hundred years or so shows we are all a product of DNA, a mixture of liquids that without we wouldn't exist. The human body is made of skin, bones, muscle, fat, bone and blood which is being pumped throughout our bodies by a muscle that can keep pumping for over a hundred years without ever breaking down but if it does it can be repaired to keep pumping. All the solid parts of the body is really solidified chemicals. Even our thought process is electro-chemical with very intricate connections that if disrupted can cause havoc. With nerves that run through every part of our body, and a spine that is fully connected we send messages from the tip of our toes to the top of our head, a brain encased in a bony protection called a skull. It is believed by some that a few can muster the electro-chemical charges to such a degree that they can effect changes from within to another thousands of miles away. All of this is quite mysterious wouldn't you say?

There are beautiful colors all around us which brighten our world and for most of us can be seen and enjoyed making our world all the more brighter and enjoyable. The ability to enjoy a beautiful aroma that makes our taste buds become excited and our appetites come alive. How about a beautiful Rose, with an aroma that excites that senses. All this is great chemistry.

The greatest chemistry is that brings humans together, a mother loves her children always for the most part. The father who works night and day for his family. The chemistry that excites lovers into being drawn together to experience the joys and intimacies that only love can bring. Love being something that exists outside of us, in the air and inside if us, that is known when the touch brings it all together between, two people. All very mysterious wouldn't you say?

The wonder of the world we live in is all around us and many of us after we hit a certain age just accept it all as if it is very ordinary but the truth is we live in a very extraordinary world.

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