Thursday, May 16, 2013

God's Plan?

Using the remote he shut the TV. Leno had just interviewed a 101 year old actress who was still working. She referred to Betty White who is 91, as "That kid. She has a bright future!". He was still chuckling as he turned out the lights and got under the covers. It had been quite a day with many things happening.

One of his friends who was once a bartender at a local bistro, and locally well known, just passed away. She was only 58 and she used to visit her mother at a local nursing home who was still very much alive after celebrating birthday 100. The breaking news of the day was all about the finding of three young girls who were abducted some 10 years ago and held captive by some guy who was well known in the neighborhood and considered a "nice" guy while in reality he was a fiend who tortured and abused with glee. There was a breakthrough in the bombing of Boston which maimed many and killed some. There were young ladies who had posted on their social network page that despite the terrorist doing all these bad things he was so cute that they would like to meet him and I suppose have sex with him just to put the cherry on the top. Some other information coming to him that day was about the sex traffic in Thailand of children and the abuse of women in India. With all this mayhem going on in the world there was news of the British royal family who live in great wealth and protection not only now but from birth. Imagine such great wealth while people live off mountains of garbage. Imagine the food today, and the clothes you wear coming from the trash discarded by people who are living in luxury.

He could do nothing about all the events in the world he thought. He thought that at least he should be aware of it all and pray for everyone, including himself. As he turned on his left side and assumed the fetal position getting ready for sleep he thought that life is surely screwed up and the theologians like to say it is all in "God's Plan". Imagine some great super power who sees everything on a macro stage while micro managing individual lives. He was on the other side of life's mountain going downhill, slowly he hoped. He had the good fortune to meet a younger lady and fall in love. Yet instead of people rejoicing in the fact that life still had excitement and meaning to it there were some who silently thought he should act his age and some younger people who scoffed at the fact that such a union could be real and feasible. The peculiar part to all this is that the people who scoffed, and were abashed were really not happy with their own lives and while they were searching for some healing and completeness they managed to find fault with other people's try at happiness. He started to drift into the arms of Morpheus as he thought what kind of plan must God have to fit all this into Universal Consciousness, where we bear each other's hurts and expand our joys. I would imagine that is what we mean when we speak of God's Plan, to reach Nirvana of some sorts.

In order to reach the peace and fulfillment that must be the object of God's Plan we would have to stop thinking of our individual path to happiness but rather the way to acceptance and the want of joy for our brothers and sisters, including the animals that roam this planet of ours.  We humans rely on scripture, that is thousands of years old and written in different times and states of minds. The theme of most if not all these writings is that we should love one-another. Concentrating on that theme and not the actual words which in many cases reflect the writers own bias can help us get closer to what God's Plan is striving to reach. Instead of pointing to Moses saying it is sinful for a man to lay down with another we should understand that it is not sinful to love and not judge another based on an understanding that knew nothing of genetics and psychological advances. Really all we really know about Jesus is that he lived, preached sermons of love and railed against the establishment who wanted to take advantage of their position to live comfortably while others lived in squalor. We believe he rose from the dead but there are others that say, "prove it!" and we can't scientifically.

He fell into a deep sleep with the resolution in his own heart not to try and make the world over in his image and enjoy the time and circumstances given to him while trying to never judge others. AND most important to stop trying to figure out what God's Plan is because it is too intricate for a mind as small as his.

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