Saturday, April 20, 2013

113th. United States Congress

The 113th. United States Congress sucks.  The Senate is comprised of  53% Democrats and 2% Independent who votes with the Democrat caucus. Yet because of an home made rule if a filibusterer is invoked 60% of the Senate is needed to vote Yea, not a simple majority but 60%. This could have been changed if the Majority Leader Senator Harry Reid took decisive action at the start of this Congress back in January 2013 but he refused to take action that would modify that rule. He refused to take that action because of a political reason not because it was the right thing to do. Mr. Reid was looking forward to the future when the Democrats would be the minority party and then would want to block passage of laws by invoking the filibuster. How noble. Mr. Reid while crying obstructionists now was looking forward to the moment when his party could act in an obstructionist manner. Because of this weaselly move the "Universal Background Check" requirement that would stop people who had mental problems or were criminals from purchasing guns, 54% voted for the bill but the 60% rule was invoked by the Republicans. Of course guns would be gotten illegally but it was a small step forward in getting the violence committed by people using guns under control.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky had the gall to say on Rush Limbaugh's radio show that he was disappointed because the President was using the people of Newtown, Connecticut as "props" as they were lobbying for passage of the bill. These brave people who had lost their children in the horrendous mass killing by a psychopath who had easy accessibility to assault weapons and clips that fired 30 rounds in a minute or less. These great people who couldn't do anything about their losses but were trying to make it harder for others to feel the pain they will endure for the rest of their lives. President Obama was supporting their cause which should be our cause all with the same aim, to try and keep fatalities through gun violence down and this very political man, Rand Paul finds a way to criticize it not because he really wants to support the second amendment to our constitution but because he wants to be re-elected and who knows what, maybe run for President supported by the right wing fanatics of the Republican party. The scary part of all this is that Senator Rand Paul has backers, people who believe what he says and follow him. God save us from our fellow idiots.

Now we have the terrible tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombing by two immigrants, one of which became a naturalized citizen in 2012, and while this should have nothing to do with the bill under consideration covering immigration  Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa (R) opened with remarks saying the events in Boston should be factored into the discussion. The far right is looking to sabotage any bill which leads to citizenship and wants to have more stringent rules leading to deporting those who are in the USA illegally, without any regards to the humanity in question of people who were born here, or lived here working hard, paying taxes and acting like good members of our society even though they didn't follow the rules exactly. Senator Marco Rubio (R) whose parents immigrated from Cuba is supposed to be championing the immigration bill before the Congress but since he is a Republican he spends much of his time speaking out of the both sides of his mouth because he needs to kowtow to the right wing of his party if he will have any chance at all in winning the primary leading to his running for President in 2016.  The USA has a Senate that seems to be more interested in gaining or retaining power rather than passing legislation that is needed badly.

Our House of Representatives is comprised of 54% Republican and the Speaker, Representative John Boehner  has blocked many a bill by not allowing votes when he doesn't have the majority of his caucus in favor. That means  since we have a divided Government, Senate and Executive controlled by Democrats  very little legislation gets passed. Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor both cater to the far leaning right wing of their party many of which are Tea Party members of the Republic caucus. The far right wants smaller government and less taxes which means they support many issues that favor big business while cutting what they call entitlements and many like to call rights, such as health care and social security. There are many that might argue this premise but when rubber meets the road it always comes down to budgets submitted by Representative Paul Ryan, Wisconsin, that has medicare becoming an unworkable voucher system and cutting taxes on the upper income level while reducing benefits in social security and many suspect, since he does not provide all the details, eventually increasing taxes for the middle class but that part is speculation. But one thing is sure, the 112th and now 113th Congress passes very little meaningful legislation refusing to compromise because of the Republican right wing, and causing many emergencies that have to be met or the America's financial status is questioned, please refer to "the fiscal cliff", "the debt limit" and other such problems that were never problems before.

The Republican far right also challenges the scientific community on global temperature change and its negative effects, woman rights, gay rights. While they claim they want smaller government they don't mind interfering in one's bedroom and making new laws that affect minority voting. I know the voting stuff is on a State Level but it is supported by the Republicans on a national level.

Hopefully America will finally come to it's senses and elect leaders who lead and are worried about what is the right thing to do rather than doing anything that will ensure their re-election. AND THAT GOES FOR BOTH PARTIES!!!!!!!
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