Thursday, March 14, 2013

Don't Let It Slip On By

A very dear friend of mine clued me into a Christian Rock Group called "Find Favor".  Heard on a Christian contemporary Station singing an original tune called "Slip On By". The theme of the song was done before by many songs not the least are two that were very popular in the last part of the last century, "Yesterday When I was Young" and "Those were the days My Friends'. Perhaps not exactly on the mark but about wasted  youth and times gone by never to be recaptured, and of course Tom T Halls "Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine". In my mind though all the songs about missed chances, misspent youth like "If I could Put Time In A Bottle" and the one that says something like "My boy turned out just like me", (Cats In The Cradel) a father bemoaning the fact that his attention to earning a living leading to ignoring his family now has it turned on him as his son is too busy to take notice of a physically failing Dad, all are depressing because what has been missed can never be recaptured yet they never talk about doing something NOW, today, this moment and the second chances God gives all of us.

I am sure anyone reading this has lived long enough to rue at least one thing in their lives if not a hundred that they would change if they could. The problem with that feeling is you can't undo what has already been done. I wonder if my friend thought the words of "Slip On By" could in some way pertain to us. Relationships, friendships, be they romantic or platonic, all have their bumps and none are so smooth, even marriages of many years that seem perfect, that can't be made better. How many marriages, friendships become stagnant, boring, full of ennui because they are too much trouble to work at; because they are too much trouble to turn one's own concerns to the background while finally realizing there is another person in the room. The English language has one word for emotions that run deep, love. The Greeks had four or five because there is love on so many levels, Erotic, Filial, Agape, physical, between family and friends and the spiritual, God's love or if you prefer the love that permeates the universe, unseen but felt by all. Interaction between us humans involves two strong emotion, love and hate. But we are dealing with love here not the anti-love that is hate.

So all this is leading up to saying Find Favor's song is about doing something today and every day to keep the love in your life burning, exciting and alive. The time to do it is now, don't waste a minute, don't put it off till tomorrow because the only God given time we have is now. I am going to give you readers a gift. The link below will lead you to uTube and Find Favor's "Slip On By". Click on the link, maybe a right click if a left one doesn't work.   Or copy and paste to your browser.  Listen with you ears, mind and heart and enjoy.
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