Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rio De Janeiro, City of Love

He couldn't believe how gorgeous this city was. He was sent to Rio on a business trip. When he looked out the window as the plane descended he was just speechless . "This is one great City!", he thought.

He stayed at the Copacabana a fine old line five star hotel right on the Avenida Atlantica facing the Copacabana beach. A little further up was was Ipanema made famous by the song. But it was a stretch of sand, beautiful water with waves crashing up against the shores and beautiful Cariocas, even more beautiful than the songs made them out to be. Hair long and flowing. Bodies toned and tanned ready for anything, soccer included.

Luckily the business part of the trip was over rather quickly but he had instructions to wait for the contract signed, sealed and completed before he was to return home. This meant a lot of legal bantering between lawyers leaving him with nothing to do but wait. He enjoyed every minute of the waiting. He had breakfast poolside. Spent a few hours at the beach, and got to know the stores and clubs along the Copacabana.

Then one day while taking some rays at the beach he met Marina. She spoke a little English with the nicest Portuguese accent he ever heard. They had a little trouble communicating with the spoken word but the language of love needed no interpretation. They spent days in bathing suits, nights better dressed as they ate, drank and danced the night away. They found themselves to his room and made sweet, hot, passionate love. He couldn't tell if she was falling in love or just having a good time with the Gringo from North America. But to tell the truth he didn't care, he was drunk with the beautiful wine of love and touch.

Finally, he got the word from the home office that  it was time to pick up the contract and the cashier's check that went along with it.This meant he had to leave in two days. That night as they were at supper he held Marina's hands and professed his love. He asked her to wait for him to come back and they would marry and she could come home to the USA with him and spend the rest of their lives in connubial bliss. For once Marina looked like a little girl, she was afraid. She wasn't sure if they were truly in love to commit to a lifetime together. She was truly confused and upset not knowing what to do follow her head or her heart. They agreed to give the whole thought of a lifetime together more thought. He had to leave but he promised he would return. They spent the rest of the night dancing the Samba finally going to his room for perhaps one last night of love.

She came with him to the airport. He was leaving the city he grew to love and perhaps the only girl he truly felt he could commit to for a life time. As they kissed good bye, Jobim's , "Wave" could be heard in the background. He pleaded with her to stay with the wave of love this great city had given them for each other. He asked her to be true to him knowing he really had no claim on her or she on him. 

As the plane took off and circled he got his last look at Rio, the city he came to love and hoped that this city of love would keep Marina in the clutches of love swallowed up in the wave of emotions for him.

So close your eyes
For that's a lovely way to be
Aware of things your heart alone was meant to see
The fundamental loneliness goes
Whenever two can dream a dream together
You can't deny
Don't try to fight the rising sea
Don't fight the moon, the stars above and don't fight me
The fundamental loneliness goes 
Whenever two can dream a dream together
When I saw you the first time was half past three
When your eyes met mine it was eternity
By now we know
The wave is on its way to be
Just catch the wave don't be afraid of loving me
The fundamental loneliness goes 
Whenever two can dream a dream together 

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