Monday, November 5, 2012

The Day Before Election Day 2012

Here in New York City Newsday and The Daily News both endorsed Mitt Romney. I read both editorials explaining their positions. They make the case that Romney's background indicate he can manage the economy better that Barack Obama. That he has a plan and a vision for the next four years. They then proceed to say that he hasn't provided details of that plan and vision but they trust that he will govern differently than he has campaigned. They acknowledge that he has taken different positions about everything and then say that is OK. They say in effect it is OK for a contender for the highest position in these United States to lie about everything he says just to get the votes of the party and then the populace. They are saying that when Romney says "Trust me!" he is to be trusted not to screw you and me for the benefit of the wealthy. All those things said in the primary and behind closed doors really don't mean a thing. I ask if he lied before what says he won't lie again?

President Obama has been far from perfect but he has tried to get things going and an obstructionist Republican Congress has stopped much of what he has proposed that would benefit the country as a whole but not if you would want to defeat him in an election and in effect wrest power from the Democrats and get rid of this Black Guy named Obama. I think we know what President Obama proposes; infrastructure rebuilding America which would give more jobs; tax relief for the middle class with a small increase for the very rich; never turning medicare into a voucher system; never privatizing social security; proposing a big plan which cuts many programs including medicare and social security but not destroying them but making them stronger as was done in the past, and increasing certain revenue parts of the budget while attempting to restructure the tax laws; universal health care which is covering most of our populace and providing benefits like keeping the insurance companies honest by making them accept rather reject applicants because of pre-existing conditions, children can remain on parents coverage until age 26,  companies can no longer impose lifetime benefits on heath care. Romney says he will reverse these things, whoops he did say that until just recently he said he'd keep much of the plan but didn't say what he'd keep and what he'd junk.

So what do we have facing us? Romney who provides no details of his vision and plans while asking us to "trust" him to do the right thing. Or President Obama who while not perfect certainly has a record which is filled with a lot of pluses which besides the above could be further pluses by remembering Osama Bin Laden
is gone, and his handling of the aftermath of the hurricane named Sandy has brought plaudits for his leadership and concern in bringing the forces of the Federal government to bear for the good of those who need it most. Just think back to Katrina and remember the mess that followed for years.

I don't know about you but as for me the choice is clear. The last time someone asked me to trust them I bought a bridge but never held the title. But what ever you do get to the polling place and VOTE!      

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