Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Best Part Of Thanksgiving

Back in the day when he was a big fish in a small pond and he ran the whole east coast office of no more than sixty people, he just about did whatever he wanted to do, as long as it was within reason. His office was at 165 West 46th. Street in New York City Seventh Ave. and Broadway almost intersected and the statue of George M. Cohen proudly stood. He could look out the window of the office of the Vice President of International and had the complete vista of the teeming bustling New York street laid out before him. It was a grand view, one which would have the Macy's Day Thanksgiving parade with Santa Claus and the balloons of Popeye pass before them almost close enough to touch and yet be inside where it was warm, dry, a real happy place. The office would be closed on Thanksgiving day and he had a key. His wife knew all about this and the fact that he could do anything he wanted, almost, and she wanted him to take the five boys into town this Thanksgiving to give them a thrill and get them out of the house as she prepared the feast for about fifteen
guests of family and friends, with them that made twenty-two for the day.

She had suggested that he take the kids in for the morning. "They would be so thrilled to see Santa and the comic balloons!", she pleaded. He fought this idea but as the time came closer her nice pleadings became more like shrill commands. "Hey! I'm the man. I wear the pants in this family! When I say no I mean no and that's that!". So the Thanksgiving day came about and he took his kids on the Seven line out of Flushing to Queens Plaza where they changed to the BMT and got off at the forty-ninth Street station and walked to his office. Before they went up to the floor he took them into the luncheonette where he ordered breakfast. The five kids were jumping around and almost got into a food fight with each other. He was steaming inside but he wanted to show her that he did care and he wanted to be with his kids. He wasn't quite sure how he arrived at this reasoning because that wasn't the way he felt a few weeks ago but it was something or should I say a lot of things she said that made him realize it would be better this way if they were going to have a Thanksgiving day feast for twenty-two people. The day was damp, dank, dark and cold.

They finally got into the office where he ushered the five boys into the VP's office and showed them the beautiful view of the parade that was coming down the street, with the music playing, the bands marching, the girls strutting and the Balloons flying majestically in the air. All this held the attention of the five scamps about ten minutes. They started to infiltrate every part of the office going in the rear where there were two more offices on of which was his. He reprimanded them sternly not touch anything and definitely not to play with the phones. Meanwhile he was trying to enjoy the parade and get them interested. "Look here come Popeye!", he shouted and they just ran to other parts of the office. Once he thought he heard the phone ring but he thought who the hell would call on this day, so he forgot about it. Anyway he became so enthralled with the parade he forgot about the kids until he knew that Santa was a few blocks away. He realized he was alone in the VP's office so he went calling after the little imps and looking for them. He passed one office which smelled like there was a fire inside it which caused him to peek in and he saw nothing unusual. Finally he got them all and made them under penalty of death to look out the window which he now opened and shout at Santa and wave and act like little fools. He was shouting and waving and having a grand old time until he noticed he was alone the little bastards left him screaming and yelling while they disappeared back into the halls of the office. He shut the window, noticed it was past noon and he had to get back home so he rounded up the kids while muttering to himself that this was never going to happen again. But he had to admit HE really enjoyed the parade and Santa and especially Popeye even if they didn't. They went home had a great feast where the wine flowed like, well like wine, the deserts were great and best of all his office was closed until Monday. His wife was pleased and showered him with affection as he told her what a great time was had by the kids. Everybody was happy.

That Monday he got into the office a little late like he always did but this time his secretary told him the VP wanted to see him ASAP. He threw his overcoat over one of the chairs in front of his desk and went directly to his office wondering what the hell could be so urgent? Nothing ever was! When he approached the area the VP's assistant waved him in and he was greeted by, "Do you have any idea what may have gone on in this place over the weekend?", he of course answered he didn't know what he was referring to. It looks like someone got into the office there was paper strewn on the floors in almost everybody's office. The Shipping Manager had a bunch of his shipping orders burned in his waste basket and now without copies he is at a loss as to what was or wasn't shipped. On top of all that Moraski called from Mexico and said he had a conversation with someone who said he owned this company and he was thinking of firing  me The VP of International and if Moraski didn't shape up he was going too and then he hung up on him.

He reacted the only way he could with all honesty and truth in his voice and eyes he told the VP he would get to the bottom of this matter and assured him that it would never happen again, that the culprits when found would be fully prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He left the office retired to his office. He hung up his coat. Decided he would do nothing and pray that this too shall pass. First things first, he told his Secretary to make a luncheon appointment for him at his favorite spot  and call his friend so they could share this story over a few Gibsons. Then he shut the door and called his wife. He began, "Honey have I got a story for you..." and they shared a few laughs as he told her of the happenings this morning.    

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