Friday, November 16, 2012

Petraeus, Sex, Love, et. al.

Way back when I spent two years in the US Army, two years in the Active Army reserve. I have known quite a few people who have served in the Air Force, Navy and the Marines some on a very personal basis. Based on my personal experience and those related to me by others I wonder what the hell all the fuss is over David Petraeus' peccadillo with a younger, sexy, attractive woman. I would bet that this isn't the first time a General, or any other serviceman has strayed. I would bet that everyone knew he was a player because most of them are, especially when you go up the ranks. Generals live like potentates. Yeah! That's right, they have people waiting on them left and right. They walk through any area like they are kings in charge of their domains. This attitude is allowed and given assent by anyone who is in charge of the services because those in power like our Congressmen and Senators, also enjoy the rights and privileges of royalty. Infidelity abounds in our society and even more so as we allow people to become elitists. We allow our Generals to do whatever they want and only punish them if they are stupid enough to become an embarrassment and be caught. The Media participates in the cover-up and all look the other way. So what the hell is all this shock about our Generals like Petraeus being  unfaithful? The shock should be that he was stupid enough to be caught. I wonder how many times his wife has forgiven him for past indiscretions?

Have you noticed that no matter who is caught in sexual dalliances like Elliot Spitzer, David Petraeus or your best or worst friend they never refer to such as having anything to do with love. In effect they are porn stars in their own movies only interested in the sexual thrills, experiences. If they are public figures they have to show remorse especially if they hope to keep their marriages going or have hopes of a public life after the dust settles. But in all truth they really have no interest in love, they just enjoy sex, the game of doing something they shouldn't and not being found out only adds to the thrill. The likes of Spitzer paying prostitutes in a way is more honest and actually helps the economy. He gets his jollies, she gets paid handsomely, and goes away and spends the money she so rightfully earned. The other guys use their power and the facade that they are invincible and maybe they lie and say they are in love but they are not. They are the users of another's vulnerability, and gullibility. When they are done with them they throw them aside and go on to other victims. They are not only men who do this, women participate in this game also it just seems that it is more overloaded with males. Maybe once the ceiling is lowered and more women get in power they will become more active in the game. For now though women are more the prey, the hunted, rather than the hunter. Unfair as this game seems the female sex allows it to happen using their wiles to get ahead rather than their brains and inner fortitude.

Loving is a nice thing especially if done from afar like the Knights of old did. Being in love is nice too. There is another person besides yourself that you really care for, that you want to be with, that you want to touch if only through holding hands or a warm embrace. Some confuse companionship with the state of loving but they are wrong. A dog is a companion. The guy who used to play ball with you is a companion. Someone to go to a movie with because you don't like to sit in a cinema with empty seats on each side is a companion. Being with someone you love, is enjoying that latte a little more, wanting to discuss your reaction to the movie you have just seen. Being in love makes that latte taste like the greatest dessert you ever had. Being in love makes you want to hear what your lover thinks so you can get to know your lover better and then sharing your thoughts so you are known better, and hopefully loved better. But there is also the "sucky" side of being in love. If you are riding shot gun all you have to think about is yourself, your likes and dislikes. Maybe someone doesn't like you, so what? They could take a long walk on a short pier. Now you are "in love". Suddenly without even knowing it is happening you are thinking more about their benefit rather than yours. Hey, that person who your lover is so fond of hates you, and that is not good for your relationship.  Times when you were ill you could retire to your cocoon and live or die but you only had you to think of. Now you don't want to die, you want to get better quickly so you can be with your lover. Now your lover gets sick and this really bothers you, concerns you, worries you. You would hope this situation wouldn't bother you but you can't help it, if your lover hurts you hurt even more and there is no cocoon to crawl into, you are helpless until your lover gets back to feeling well. Unlike the Pretraeus', the Spitzers' and those good buddies who involve themselves in sexual peccadilloes the thought of sex translates to making love with intimacies bonding two souls through physical contact. There is never any thought of going out for a night to see what may develop because, you are "in love". You are bound to another, monogamous  and that is a good thing. Loving, being loved, being in love and having someone being in love with you is a bumpy ride through your feelings but I venture to guess that this state is the best state to be in for the rest of your life.

With all this about sex, love, power and elitism it makes one think perhaps it is better NOT to be a part of the elite they seem to lose their grip on what is most important and that is loving and being loved.      
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