Monday, October 15, 2012

Let Me Vent 2012 Version

Have you noticed that most drivers here in the Eastern seaboard of the USA never pay attention to Full Stop Signs? Why bother? There are the full go right through drivers. They cut everybody off and never are in the accidents they cause. Then there are the "genuflecting" drivers. They almost stop but just bend a little then gun the engine and cut the other guy off. As they pass the flip the other driver. Cops never get these guys but somehow get the guy who does everything right but is going 2 miles over the speed limit.

This brings me to the Police who are parked by a street corner in plain view. They think they are going to catch a traffic violator? Why? If we can see them only the real dumbbells would cause a violation. They are really there because they are near the time they will sign out or have lunch and hope they aren't called on their radio. In other words they are wasting time. When some fool does break a traffic law they are very mad because this fool is holding them up from what they want to do which is go home or eat.

On the Parkway, Southern State mostly, there are bikers that are going way over the speed limit. The travel many times in gangs. They go up the lines between cars clearly violating that law as well as the speeding ones. Do you ever see the highway patrol pull them over? I never had and don't expect to. What about the jackass who swerves in between the cars going from one lane to another while he is doing 80 miles per hour? The Highway Patrol never pulls them over. Who gets pulled over? Why you and I who maybe going five miles over the speed limit while we stay in our lane and all these fools are passing us. Where's the justice?

Why are some of the smartest people I know buying Romney's recent debate victory. He clearly lied. I mean bold face lie. When pressed on his stance on his tax plan instead of providing details he said something like "If I say it will not cause a deficit then who are the so called experts to say it does?" But he just goes on to the next lie, like his health plan has the same provisions as Obama care, which it doesn't. Oh yes he clearly won the debate. But he lied his way through it and the brilliant people around me say he is a genius. They also believe he and his wife really are plain folk like you and me. Now my parents were poor, my father had to work two jobs always, my mom cooked left overs. And when I wanted to go to college they would have loved to lend me the tuition which was much less back then, BUT THEY DIDN'T HAVE THE MONEY! Get the point? He grew up in luxury. We didn't (you and me). When he married and they had their five boys I don't care what she says she had to do, Anne Romney, she didn't approach what my wife had to do with 7 kids in diapers. And Mitt, he didn't have to have two jobs, go to school at night like we did. Nor did he have any loans he had to pay off. I think it is great that they live and have lived in the lap of luxury all he has to do is admit it like a man and stop trying to sell himself and his family as the common man!

Love is a great thing. Why do the young and the rest of society think it belongs only to them? You may see a young couple kissing and sigh isn't love wonderful. Yet you see Octogenarians do the same thing and you might turn away in disgust. You certainly won't sigh and say "Isn't that wonderful.". And have you noticed that today's 25 used to be yesterday's 15? Don't believe it when they tell you today's 50 is yesterday's 40. It isn't. Lose a job at that age and go without one for many months and you will understand  what I am saying.

And speaking of love, anyone see "Hope Springs"? A story about an aging couple who became bored with each other as they fell into the rut of living without excitement. They have to regenerate the exciting romantic sexy part of their lives or they shall die of boredom. Why do people think that only happens to those who have been together for a long time? I have noticed many in their 20's who after the first spark have settled down into TV watching, Chips eating and beer drinking couples after dating for a few years. I never see a picture of that group trying to regenerate their sex lives. Maybe it is funnier to see an older couple like Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones struggle with their sexuality than to see a younger couple with the same problems. Ageism at work?

The Yankees are playing uninspired ball to say the least. No one is hitting. Jeter has a broken ankle and is out for the rest of the year. They are dispirited and need building up. Yes that's correct they need building up! Instead the fans at the game are booing and saying insulting personal things. I am ashamed to admit these are New York people. These guys are professionals making big money but they are human beings too. Boo if they aren't trying or you think they aren't but leave out the personal stuff. I read in the Papers that Nick Swisher has received personal insults for him, his family and wife. Swisher is one of the most energetic guys to have ever played here in NY. He is full of life. He is full of joy. No one tries harder than he. Yet he is attacked by fans? They are fickle people here. Yes we booed Joe D. as he ended his career but we never stopped loving him. We booed because we felt the pain of his eroding talents. But we never got personal. Today's fan doesn't understand. While these guys are playing for themselves they play for the team and the team plays for the fan. Everyone tries his best and they need support more when they slump than when they succeed. They have to be lifted up when they fail. Baseball is a game of failures. To bat .300 one has to make out 7 times out of every ten at bats. And .300 is a good average yet it means the batter failed 7 out of ten at bats. Ted Williams in 1941 hit .406 and no one has hit .400 since yet it means he failed almost 60% of the time he set this amazing average. So all I am saying is I am almost ashamed to say I am a Yankee fan because of the horrendous way the Yankee fan has been acting during the struggles of their team. I hope the Yanks come back against Detroit and get a chance to play before their fans in New York. And I hope they will be cheered win or lose and in some way Swisher gets an apology.

I have not been a fan of Joe Geradi as a manager but this year pulling A-Rod and pinch hitting for him was a gutsy move probably not made by many managers. The way he has held the team together with the loss of his stars, Rivera, Jeter and the lesser stars like Gardner has made me a fan. He had to manage with his gut, as well as his statistics. Also his father died while his team was in the title run. He was extremely close with his father. But he kept it from the papers until a local OBIT printed it. He kept it from his players so it wouldn't become a distraction. All in all, win or lose, this was Geradi's year he became a real good major league manager.

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