Monday, September 19, 2011

Teach Me Tonight

Did you say I have a lot to learn?
Well don't think I'm trying not to learn,
Since this is the perfect spot to learn
Teach me tonight!

Starting with the ABC of it,
Right down to the XYZ of it
Help me solve the mystery of it,
Teach me tonight!

The sky's a blackboard high above you,
If a shooting star goes by,
I'll use that star to write I love you,
Ten Thousand times across the sky!

One Thing isn't very clear my love,
Should the teacher stand so near my love?
Graduation's almost near my love,
Please teach me tonight!

The radio was tuned to WNEW where William B. Williams was broadcasting his 8PM to mid-night show and the DeMarco sisters were singing "Teach Me Tonight".  Although some fifty-five years had past he remembered it as though it was yesterday. He finally had gotten her to agree to go out with him. It was a battle but his perseverance won through. He brought the car to a stop as he came to her house. He had to meet her parents, oh how he hated that part of dating. When he thought of how beautiful she was he figured it was worth it. He got out of the car and rang the bell. Her father buzzed him in and was waiting at the top of the stairs to inspect him as he walked up and into the apartment. He was given a seat as she wasn't quite ready yet. He knew she was probably ready but this was the time the parents had to get to "know" who was taking their daughter out for the night. They wanted to have some solace that he would not molest her and treat her right. The mother came into the room and he made sure he got up showing the proper respect. The three of them chatted for a while and then her sister and brother entered the room. He was getting the full inspection with the show of power that there were two full grown males ready to defend her honor in case he was to make the wrong moves. Finally, after what seemed an eternity she entered the room and she was worth it all. What a knock-out! She was the most gorgeous gal he had ever seen. He wasn't sure if it was love or lust or both but he knew he wanted to be with her tonight. The inspection was brought to a close by her coming into the room. The nice goodbyes were said and they were on their way. He held the car door open for her as she got in the car but he couldn't remember if he was supposed to cross in front of the car or the rear of the car to get into his side. He chose to go in front of the car as he figured she could always keep him in sight while he got into the driver's side. He liked the cars of those days as there was no console separating the driver and the passenger in the front seat, which he hoped would make it easier to put his arm around her, hopefully, after they spent the night dancing to some great love songs at this little bistro in Port Washington. He flipped the radio on and Willie B. was playing Frank Sinatra. Perfect way to start an evening, he thought. It was a moonlit, star filled high winter cloudless sky. Yes tonight could be beautiful.

They arrived at the club and the valet parked the car. The orchestra tonight was Mel Conners and his Trumpet. He used to play in Johnny Long's orchestra and he was trying to make it on his own. He loved Mel's music. His trumpet was on the style of Bobby Hackett, smooth, mellow and romantic. They ordered drinks, his was a Scotch on the rocks and her's a Sloe Gin Fizz. He never understood how she could drink such a sweet drink, each to his own poison, he guessed. The club was on Manhasset Bay and in the evening one could make out the reflection of the moon and stars on the blackness of the glassy water. She was a great dancer and loved the Latin music but he could only do some rumba and merengue . BUT he could do a great Lindy and slow fox trots where they could get really close with the spinning and dips were his specialty.He knew the lyrics of most of the romance songs and as the evening wore on he was singing them softly into her ear and she was responding by dancing closer and holding him tighter. At 11:30PM he had to leave since on the first date her time to get home on Sat. was no later than 12:30AM since "no good girl would stay out later than that without really knowing the guy she was with.", which was her parents mantra. He wanted to get her home a little early so he would stay in their good graces. 

The valet brought them the car. They got in. As he turned the car to leave they faced the water and she asked if they could stay there for a few minutes and drink in the beauty of this winter's night at the water's edge. He was all for that. He turned on the radio and William B. Williams was coming into his last fifteen minutes of his program. The night was chilly and the heater wasn't warmed up yet so he gently put his arm around her and pulled her close to him, to keep her from getting a chill, he said. For a brief moment they sat motionless drinking in the beauty of it all. Willy B. decided to end his program with the song he started it with. "Teach Me Tonight". As it asked the question, "Did you say I have a lot to learn?" she turned towards him and her lips parted and he couldn't resist, as he drew closer to her he drew her closer to him and their lips met. Yes, it was some fifty-five years ago but to him it was as yesterday. Her breath was warm, her lips sweet and inviting and perhaps it was the best kiss he ever experienced because it is so real to him even today after being with her for all these years and seven children and years of kissing and being in love. In fact if he saw a shooting star go by even today he would use that star to write I love you ten thousand times across the sky.      
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