Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rants and Raves

When are our leaders going to lead? They all seem to say they are doing what the American people want them to do. Who are these "people" they are always referring to? The ones reflected in the various polls? The ones who elected them from their districts? Or the PACS and other lobbyists that have a funded their campaigns? It seems to me that if all these guys are going to do is what the "American People" want them to do we might get in a lot of deep s**t! Just think back to the days when we as a nation were trying to integrate a segregated society. Many of the "American People" were against this, In fact Gov. George Wallace led his contingent of "American People" to block such a move. Our leaders at the time enforced our laws which were correct from a legal and moral standpoint despite the pressures to yield to certain State Righters and segregationists. They led, they didn't follow the so called "will" of the people because they were correct, right, and the "American People" were wrong.

The United States is still in the middle of a deep recession despite what many Economist might dispute but try and tell the sixteen million unemployed and underemployed any different. We are on the verge of repeating mistakes of The Great Depression. We could have learned a great deal from this history of ours. We were on the way out of the Depression when those in the Congress forced the President to raise taxes and cut spending which forced us back into the depression from which only the Second World War could rescue us. The mistake? When we are battling economic turn-downs more spending is needed not less. It is true that we have to curtail spending and limit debt but that comes AFTER we have rebounded from down-turns and get into prosperity. The cry that Government does not create jobs is untrue. Spending for infra-structure like repairing roads, bridges, building dams and the such, create jobs which spawn small business' to form and create new jobs around the activity these big projects create. The more jobs the greater revenue.

The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the tax loopholes for big business have already created big deficits in our economy without increasing jobs. If this statement is incorrect just look at the figures, unemployment and underemployment remain at record levels while the real tax rates for the most wealthy and biggest business are at record lows. Show me the beef! It seems that the most wealthy should contribute something in getting our economy back to good levels.

President Obama has been too quiet. President Obama should come up with a solid jobs plan including public works and even if it won't pass, he should fight for it and take his case to the voting electorate. He should lead and not follow the whims of the polls and the minority representation calling for more cuts not caring if they wreck the economy as long as they get rid of President Obama. There seems to be a special hatred for the President by his enemies, maybe because he is black but I am sure there is even more to it than that. President Clinton had this type of thing used against him and I am not referring to his sexual peccadilloes rather the inference that the Clintons were involved in financial wrongdoings and maybe even murder. The Clinton enemies seem to have faded but the Obama enemies have not and they will do all to destroy the man. He has to fight back doing this by leading and proposing innovative and daring legislation, if not he surely will be only a one term President and his enemies will destroy us giving into the special interests who want to dismantle the entitlement programs while they feast on the wealth of the nation.
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