Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World

He was young and his world was his oyster. Everything was new and fresh as it is when one experiences life for the first time. The problem was that his oyster had a pearl in it and he couldn't extract it. He used to joke that he must of been part fag (gay meant being happy back then) because he like the feminine side of life so much all he really wanted to do was spend his time with the girls he loved. Notice he used the plural term as it didn't matter who he spent the time with as long as she was pretty and laughed at his jokes.

However, there was this one special girl who was really the definition of feminine pulchritude personified who wouldn't even give him a smile as he attempted to get to know her, actually pick her up was the term. He was determined to make her know him, love him, so he could ditch her. The game of love was just that, a game which he excelled at. He started asking around and found someone who knew someone who knew her. What made this so good was, the someone who knew her was pretty so not only would it be an easy introduction when he was finished with the girl of his dreams he could he could pursue this other girl.

The formal introduction was made after Mass on a Sunday. They stopped at a local diner for coffee and cake where he was able to wheedle a date. They went out a few times. The last date he went into his routine of saying he was falling in love with her but he just wasn't good enough for her so they couldn't see each other anymore. All the other girls reacted by saying they wanted to be more than friends, some tears, some heavy make-out and then he could go on to his next conquest feeling secure in the knowledge that he had won again in the game of love. So then with this beautiful babe he goes into his spiel. There is silence and he prompts her by asking how she feels about what he had just said to which she responded, "Whatever you want.". He was taken aback by her lack of emotion so he asked if she wanted to be friends or something to which she responded, "Whatever you want.". He immediately drove her home and felt angry at her nonchalance. He walked her to her door and let her go with the admonition that this would be the last time they would see each other to which she responded, "Whatever you want.".

He spent the next few months doing some heavy dating and drinking because if the truth could be told he couldn't get her out of his mind.He convinced himself that he had to go out with her again because he felt as though she beat him at his own game and he couldn't let that happen. When he called she acted as though she didn't miss him at all but he felt she was just putting on an act. He convinced himself that she had spent the time pinning for him. They went out a few times and he went into his routine more sure than ever she would succumb to his ploy.  "Whatever you want." was her response and he would get angry again and claim they'd never see each other EVER again. Then a few months would pass and the same thing would go on. Over a couple of years she kept saying, "Whatever you want." and he would angrily claim they's never see each other AGAIN!  Finally his plan was to make one final date, Sammy Davis Jr. was on Broadway in "Mr. Wonderful" they would see the play have a romantic interlude and then he'd give her the final kiss-off. Only this time as he was going through his spiel after the play over cocktails at the Hotel Victoria, she came to his side of the table threw herself into his arms and planted the sexiest kiss right on his chops that got him all flummoxed. She said there's more of that to come if you ask me to marry you. He melted on the spot. The more of "that" he found out was to come AFTER they said "I do.".

The years flew by and they became parents, fought, laughed and loved madly for many years. Then suddenly she started to become distant, remote. She was changing, living more and more in a world of her own. He started to feel excluded from her very being. He didn't know it at the time but she was slipping into the world of dementia eventually requiring institutionalization. He was always there but she wasn't quite sure who he was. She would tell people she had a husband who she loved and was waiting for him to take her home again. Some of his friends told him he should make a life for himself and return to the land of the living. He answered, "Where should I be? I am where I want to be, "For where your treasure is, there also will be your heart." (Matt 6:21). Some asked if he regretted his life with her, especially now with the loss of recognition by her. They couldn't understand that he cherished every minute of their time together from the beginning up to the end. Finally she passed. He was the last to see her as they closed the casket and Ronnie Milsap's song came rush into his mind and he let the lyrics flow as his last prayer to her.

Our paths may never cross again
Maybe my heart will never mend
But I'm glad for all the good times
Cause you brought me so much sunshine
And love was the best its ever been
I wouldn't have missed it for the world
Wouldn't have missed loving you girl
You've made my whole life worth while with your smile
I wouldn't trade one memory
Cause you mean too much to me
Even though I lost you girl
I wouldn't have missed it for the world
They say all good things must end
Love comes and goes just like the wind
You've got your dreams to follow
But if I had the chance tomorrow
You know I'd do it all again
I wouldn't have missed it for the world

As he left the chapel he knew it wasn't over. He knew he'd be seeing her again, some place out of time in space.  This time she would know he was her husband and she his wife and they were still madly in love.

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