Friday, August 12, 2011

Government or Mafia, What's The Difference?

The DOW was up and down in violent gyrations all week and depending on today's final result may even out after all this bull-s**t. Congress went on vacation and so did the President. What the hell, they screwed up the lives of many and claimed to be doing it for the best of "the American people" but all that really matters to them is that they be re-elected come hell or high water. BUT, no matter how the greedy and selfish try to soak up all the wealth of this country for themselves we believers know that the country will emerge stronger and better despite these incompetents fumblers, bumblers and gangsters.

Some may cringe at my use of the term "gangsters" for our politicians but if I may let us compare them to what we saw on the now expired HBO show, "The Sopranos". Without belaboring the whole thing, each has their territory and if one challenges the other a war erupts and killing follows until one mob takes control again. Sort of like the Dems. and Republicans isn't it. Each party will do what it has to do to regain power for power comes with wealth and rule. The heads of the parties get the most wealth and rule to generate more wealth and they pass some of this back down to the soldiers which include those who actually fight to those who are idea men. Meanwhile the bosses have a great time living lives of debauchery and gluttony.

We are in a few wars, I have lost count, our soldiers for the most part come from the economic underprivileged except of course for those who have graduated form our politically appointed war colleges like West Point or the Navel Academy. These guys get the chance to become top officers while the real fighters may rise to a battlefield commission but more likely to a non-commissioned officer whose highest ranking may be Sargent Major or Chief Warrant. Naturally only those "connected" get the chance to rise above the standing from which they have come. However, not all fight and those that don't manage to escape without wounds or bruises but upon entering civilian life again they find a struggle not envisioned because they are not "connected".

The common citizen is also a soldier in the political army. Some enter the political parties and do what they must to advance but unless they are "connected" the chance of rising above a mere "foot soldier" is very little. But our politicians need many "foot soldiers" to run the errands, putting up posters, making phone calls and finding recent deaths who can vote again for them. For the most part the cream doesn't rise to the top, rather one who is in the know, if you have come into money or became a business success then "they" will seek you out. Anyone out there remember "The Sopranos"? Or better yet. the newer HBO series "Boardwalk Empire"? While these guys were solidifying their positions and getting more powerful and wealthy they were doing "good" for the peons they needed in order to stay in power. Whenever they had to murder someone it was nothing personal "only business".

So MR. Senator, Mr. Representative, Mr. President enjoy your vacations and somehow we will get out of this mess you've gotten us into and will be here for all of you, without rancor, when you return, because we know it isn't personal it is just business and this is what we are sure you will be giving us, "the business".    
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