Friday, August 19, 2011


Many use these new fangled inventions to cut out the commercials from the TViewing but they don't know what they are missing. Many of these commercials are more entertaining the the shows they are watching. Yes, the commercials are entertaining, informative, instructive and some boring and distasteful, but most show great creativity. Let me start out by commenting on the anti-smoking commercial shown here in NY. We have a big black guy sitting in a chair with his back to us and he is wheezing almost suffocating. And it gets worse as the camera pans in to how parts of his face with tubes going in his nose and he is in great pain and discomfort as he tries laboriously to breathe. Then the words come on that dying from smoking is never easy and always painful.

This is a very tough commercial and when I see it I always turn to another station. Volunteering in a Nursing Home I get to see something like that in person. So do the workers, Aids, Porters, Nurses, rehab specialist and the DOCTORS. Yet on the break they go outside off the grounds and do what. SMOKE!!!!!! The ones who treat those who actually are dying from smoking are not deterred by the up-close scene how in the world do those who put on the anti-smoking commercial I described think that will provide a detriment? The price of cigarettes loosies were two for a penny when I started, albeit I was six, a pack was around ten or fifteen cents now they go as high as Eleven dollars a pack. I think if they went as high as one hundred dollars a pack those who want to smoke would find a way to support the habit even if it meant no food on the table. They have got to come up with a better way to inform, educate those who are smokers so that they quit, perhaps they should try entertaining them because drama isn't working. By the way I quit some 27 years ago.

I would like to cover a group of products which fall under medicines that present a pretty picture of people first in pain, most of the times, then when they take the product they are moving about, happy, with peace of mind. While the visual aspects are very good and the introductory words seem hopeful you have to listen very carefully or read the fine print at the top or bottom of the page which can hardly be seen. These notations usually contain words like the medicine may not be for everyone, if you have strange feelings contact your doctor immediately as they may be signs of stoke, heart attacks, nervous breakdowns, or may even result in death and by the way improvement in some cases, like Alzheimers may only be short term (They never say how short the term is). Makes one wonder why everybody is so happy if at any time the medicine can turn against them and make their condition worse. Doesn't it?

Now let's get to the commercials for Cialis. Everbody is always smiling and happy. Wouldn't you be all smilly face too if you could stop painting and have your house turned into a beachfront love nest and find you and your mate sitting naked in an empty bath tub? Let's get real! First of all I have a stall shower and that is a lot more fun than an empty bath tub that only fits one. AND when I'm painting, which I try NEVER to do, there is no way we are going to jump into sack until we wash! Oh yeah, there is another commercial that shows a guy eating and he has a crumb on his mouth and his wife comes over and wipes it off and they get "that" look and end up watching a play and of course in their seperate bath-tubs. Come on! If I have food on my lips she makes an ugly scunched up face and sort of disgustingly makes a gesture that I should get a naptkin. We are not running off, smiling to our sepaerate bath-tubs. Of course the commercials always end with both of them instructing you what to do iof you find yourself dying from taking this stuff and over-exerting yourself. But they make sure they are not leering but are gently smiling transmitting the idea, "Ain"t Life GREAT!"

A commercial that has been playing for a short time starts out with some really clean, nice looking but not sexy women. They start out with a serious look as they say "It is time to get serious!" Then it goes on to say this is really serious! They've got my attention then the say it is time to say what we really want from toilet paper. Really? Funny but I thought I always had a pretty good idea what the whole toilet paper scene is. Maybe I was wrong so I listen intently. A spokeswomen kind of hefty, not fat just pleasantly plump, dressed in a summer type of outfit, motherly not sexy, looking as though she just stepped out of a shower looking and I imagine smelling very clean. With a big smile on her face looking almost a little uncomfortable but knowing in her motherly way she has to say the whole thing is to be clean with no breakage. I am now getting the idea that America may be a bit unclean with the toilet paper breaking in everyone's hand while it was being put to use. This could be a problem especially having a stronger meaning when our critics say "America Stinks!". But then I get indignant. This whole commercial is talking about cleanliness by women without one male in sight. What are they saying? The American male don't care or is too immature to know how to use toilet paper and Mommy has to teach them hygiene again? I think this is a sexist commercial implying the American male has a stinky behind that has to be tended to by Mommie again. This is a lot of s**t. I am laughing very hard at this point and I don't know what brand of toilet paper they are pitching. The thought runs through my mind back in the day they used to refer to toilet paper as facial tissue which I always thought missed the point. The Mr. Whipple, Charmin commercials that ran from 1964 to 1985 were far better in advancing the product and the telling of the virtues of Charmin.

The commercials that use the term PRE-OWNED instead of USED cars always amuse me as they try to sell the idea that the owners that had the car before always took care of them and of course the manufacturer wouldn't try to screw you. Would they? No Caveat Emptor! Sure! There is one for Audi though that is cute. A gal comes out of a Starbucks (?) holding a coffee and a bag of something to nosh on. She is met by the guy who tells her to be careful because after she trades it in he will be the second owner. She looks like she thinks he is crazy and as she drives off he has the bag and is noshing on her nosh while he says "Be careful with our car." Well done and I know the make but I'll never buy a used car if I can help it even if it is called "PRE-OWNED"!

I love the commercial that shows the dog while "worry, worry, worry" plays in the background as the dog is concerned that someone, another dog perhaps, will steal his bone. Finally he insures it and he can play happily again because he has no worries. As if the insurance company will cover his losses. We know better don't we? After filling out ten thousand forms and we can't come up with the original invoice showing the cost of the bone we get zilch! But we have to continue to pay the premiums. Great commercial.

Did you see the insurance one that ask's a question and then proves it. I loved "Does it take two to Tango?".
I use this company but not because of this commercial but I do admire their creativity. After the question is asked it shows two people Tangoing with a teacher somehow getting in-between them. Hilarious.

Before I close I must mention the Bra commercials. They are instructive as I never knew so much went into the selection of this item. I am happy to learn and am very attentive to these commercials so when I get past the training Bra stage I will use this knowledge to my benefit.

"Big Brother", "Jersey Shore", and all the junk which is foisted on to the TViewing public while they miss the best, the most creative art form by not watching the commercials which in many case are far better artistically providing great entertainment, and useful information in 30 second clips.

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