Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nobody Asked Me But;

Why is it I haven't heard or read any outcries of disgust and horror at the reaction of those Muslims over the burning of the Koran? Nothing really from the world of Islam nor the rest of the world. Can it be that those loonies have really captured the courage of the whole world? Shouldn't someone say something about the taking of human life over the burning of what is really pieces of paper? I am sure they would if this happened over the burning of the Bible!

Donald Trump has apparently grabbed onto what is circulating on the net, that Pres. Obama was born in Kenya and they have the birth certificate to prove it and Obama has spent millions to keep it quiet. Just heard him on "Morning Joe" claiming this needs to be looked into and he thinks that Obama is an illegal President. If this is so and there is proof why hasn't the Congress started Impeachment? The Tea Party and the Republicans have stated their main purpose is to keep this a one term Presidency they could make it even less. Couldn't they? OR Are they more afraid of a Biden Presidency?  I think they are all nuts. But this keeps Trump's TV shows well rated. He of course is crazy like a fox. He of course has no interest except self-interest. Hypocrite!

I think President Obama is the most dis-respected President ever. He is attacked as a non-citizen who has broken the law to gain the Presidency. Which makes him a bigger crook than Nixon who really was a crook. They claimed he was a radical Christen who hated whites following his activist Pastor. Then they claimed he is a radical Muslim who wants to institute socialism and Muslim law. How can one be both things at the same time? Now that is a conundrum, isn't it? Unfortunately middle America didn't like his color and name. They weren't ready for a black President and they still are not. They'd welcome white supremacy!

Watching "Real Time", Bill Maher's show you get to learn some things, e.g.; He likes to refer to Tea Party members as "Tea Baggers" which he explained to the uninitiated such as me, refers to the person who drags their testicles over the face of another person, gay or straight. Now I have been around awhile, more than awhile, and I never heard that but it sounds right. For Tea Party Members "Tea Baggers" seems apropos.
And they said TV was not instructional.

Saw the first episode of "The Borgia's" and thought it was terrific. I am surprised that the voice of the Catholic Church, what IS that Irish guy's name (?), hasn't stared yelling "DISCRIMINATION", despite historical evidence. However, I should point out all we would have is a person yelling stupid things, no riots or murders. Hey, didn't I open this Blog with this type of thing?

What the hell are we doing in Libya? This is becoming to look like Afghanistan when we supplied the Taliban against the Russians only to have them bite us in the ass many years later with our own weapons.

Why do we always talk of cuts when we have to cut the deficit? Whatever happened to generating revenue? Like increasing tax on the wealthiest! Making Corporations pay some of their fair share to the country that generates most of their income! Nah! Let's cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, wipe out unions so we can have a really small middle class and get those BAD, BAD, people like teachers under our thumbs so our misfit children can really run amok! Now that makes sense. I am joining the Tea Party so I can be a Tea Bagger. OOPS, I forgot about Bill Maher's definition.

Why do some people smell so badly? Yeah, I know that as you age odors seem to escape from every orifice and pore from your body but this isn't something I've noticed about only the old. The young, say teenagers and up have forgotten what it is to keep themselves clean and nice smelling. Heard some mid-twenties talk about brushing their teeth twice a day. Really? Even after eating onions? And some of the women? Splashing heavily scented perfume doesn't really make you smell sweet it just makes you smell. A shower once or twice a day, especially in the summer, with some talcum powder would be nice. The old timers and some of the young should find a private place to emit the foul smelling gases that may build up during the day.
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