Monday, March 14, 2011

A Long Journey But Worthwhile!

I don't know where I am but I was really comfortable a while back but now it is getting a little crowded. Everytime I try to straighten out my leg or move my arm I feel resistance. But besides being a little cramped I do feel comfortable. I am nice and warm although I know I am immersed in a wet pool of something. I know I am attached to something by a rope which I feel is my lifeline yet I don't know why. In the beginning it was nice and quiet but lately I am feeling a ripple of explosions not lethal but somewhat odorous and becoming increasingly more frequent. I am feeling somewhat more pressure on my whole being like someone is probing me and I don't know why. Why can't it go back to the way it was with plenty of room where I could stretch out as much as I wanted and just lie around feeling warm and comfortable? I am getting the feeling that soon I am going to be moved out of here and even though it isn't as comfortable as it once was I really don't want to go. Yet it wasn't long ago that I felt being dropped from my upper room to this lower compartment. That's it. When I was dropped into the lower compartment was when I started feeling cramped, probed, smelling that odor and being just downright uncomfortable.  However, as uncomfortable I feel now that is only in comparison to how I felt being in the upper chamber. I don't want to get put anywhere else. I'm comfortable enough so I guess I'll get used to this place. Hey?! What's going on? I feel myself being moved along, turned upside down. There's a lot of noise I can't understand what is going on yet I am being propelled downward. I think there is an opening nearby. Boy is this a tough journey, much tougher than being dropped from the upper chamber. Hey, what the hell! It seems that I am being expelled from my lower chamber but where the hell am I going. There is something that looks like a wide opening, and I notice something that isn't all dark, it is bright. There is a lot of noise and some awful smells and a lot of big long bodies standing around. OOPS! Hey one of these big long things just hit me. I gotta let out a yell. Hey what the hell? They're cutting my rope like thing. Are they trying to kill me. Now they are using some warm stuff all over my body and I am yelling like hell. They've wrapped me up in something warm and gave me to this body that looks very tired but happy. Something conveyed to me through touch and her holding me close to her. Hey, she is soft and warm and nice. Somehow I get the feeling I won't need that rope anymore and she has a thing or two that will keep me satisfied. Boy am I tired. I'm going to try and not move and just enjoy her. I think I'm gonna' like it here.
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