Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The 112th. Congress

Watched the swearing in of John Boehner, the new Speaker of The House of Representatives. Amid all the pomp and ceremony was the rhetoric that this was the people's house and the 112th. Congress was there to do the will of the people. For a group of people who really only was supposed to be the representatives of the citizens of the United States of America they all looked like fat cats ready to dip their hands into the pot so they could get fatter. They certainly didn't look like the common people. I bet they all had suits that cost around a thousand or more dollars. The females were also regally dressed. A lot of us common folk can't afford duds like that. They looked more like royalty than representatives of us common folk. For reference see the pictures of the engagement of the Prince of England and notice the clothes they were wearing, more like the Congressmen or women than me or the people I know.

Maybe they had the idea they were supposed to be our leaders? Are leaders supposed to follow the will of the people or direct the masses towards the greater goals? Certain areas of the USA have a population that
wants to cut drastically benefits such as medicare, medicaid and Social Security  probably because they are misled or don't need these social plans because they have amassed personal wealth and they don't give a damn about those who are not as fortunate. Should the Representatives from these section of the USA argue their case even though eventually it would weaken the Union as it would destroy the middle class? Or should the leaders have enough reason to show the errors of their constituents way and "lead" them to the right conclusion? I think Leaders are expected to "lead" not follow as the phrases of only "doing the will of the people" seem to suggest.

It seems that we have created a new set of nobility and call them members of Congress. They are not the only ones. The Administrative Branch of our Government have also been elevated to the noble class. Our President and his staff walk into a room and everyone has to stand. When he addresses Congress there are standing ovations and cheering. Everyone including our President are dressed to the teeth in fine attire. Then they have parties that cost a fortune while we still have close to 10%, closer to 16%, real unemployment. The President and his staff also follow the line of "Doing the will of the people.", also being a follower not a leader. BUT, as long as they stay in power everything is fine.

The Judicial Branch of government is another set of created nobility. Once appointed, the Supreme Court reigns supreme. They enter a room, everyone stands. They speak, rather, Pontificate, every one listens and oohs and aahs. I have a few suggestions for these Nobles.

When we walk into the room they should stand. All special benefits should cease. They should be made to drop all their insurance, pensions and have to join Social Security, Medicare and when their fortune is wiped out like many of the middle class by catastrophic illness they can go through the Medicaid morass. Their terms in elected office or the judiciary should be limited. When over they should not be allowed back into the Washington treasury for life! That's correct, if they only want to serve then they shouldn't be allowed to use their contacts to make money. They are barred from doing business with Washington for life. Let's see how many of these so called common people would come to Washington to serve under these conditions.

Of course none of this will happen but one can dream, can't one?
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