Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wiki Leaks and Other Absurdities

The United States is being embarrassed by Wiki Leaks who have come into classified information passed on from a lowly uniformed worker. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The most powerful country in the world is getting its ass kicked by guys like these and no one else is involved? The US must have the worst Intelligence community in the world or there is more to this story than anyone wants to admit.

The President of the United States is acting like Rodney King after the riots asking the Republicans, "Can't we all be friends?". ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The answer is obvious to a schmuck like me. NO! We can't be friends and make nice, nice because you are in power and we want to be. Nothing else matters. But for the record we shall look like we are co-operating while we work on making you a one term President at all costs. Check out the Mitch McConnell quotes.

A commission comes out with a report that says we are on the road to financial ruin unless we cut things like social security, medicare and medicaid. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There are more billionaires in the US while there are more people at the poverty or near poverty level than at any time in its history, yet there is no mention of redistribution of wealth. OOPS! That is a dirty word, after all why should we be concerned with the needy as long as the needy ain't us? They didn't say it but let the rich get richer and screw the common folk. Did you ever notice that bitter financial medicine only seems to affect the middle and poor class? Hey why does a billionaire care if medical costs are expensive? They have enough to make sure they will have enough even with catastrophic illness yet the lower classes get wiped out. By the way George Steinbrenner's death this year saved the family millions in Estate Taxes which come back into effect next year but not if the Republicans have anything to say about it. The lower classes of course aren't affected as much because they have much, much, much, much LESS. Yet the very ones being adversely affected by the Tea Party and the Republicans are the very ones supporting them GO FIGURE!

You can all stop with the office collections for Derek Jeter! The poor guy had to take a pay cut but he'll manage to get by, only Fifty-one MILLION for the next three years. Boy that's tough! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I agree the Yanks didn't play nice with him but have you noticed over the years they very rarely play nice with anyone? Babe Ruth really meant more to the Yanks than any one. He alone drew them in the stands and the stadium was the one HE, THE BABE, really built. When his time came they cut him and never even offered him a VP PR job. Yeah, he got a stone in center field. BUT he came a long way from the incorrigible youth in Baltimore didn't he?  So Derek and Babe did OK. The fans now? The seats cost a fortune. Can one really take his family to a few games without being the beneficent of some corporation? Notice though, the seats are loaded with guys that have much moola! Guys and gals that really never have to worry about cuts in Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. They really enjoy their season tickets don't they? And the Game gets richer and richer as do all that are in it, Ballplayers included. We of course should be concerned if they don't make all they can because its America's National Past Time.
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