Friday, December 10, 2010

Secrets; One Held; One Told; Wrong One Blamed

Things were pretty hectic for Sarah in those days. It seems that people were seeking her out to confide in her. Some wanted her advice. Some wanted to relieve themselves of burdens. Some just wanted to talk. Others had problems that were like an Albatross around their necks and by confiding in Sarah the Albatross would release itself and hang on to Sarah. This was quite a burden, yet Sarah couldn't say no to anyone who sought her presence. She knew from past experiences that deep dark secrets told usually led to a dissolution of the friendship. Once the person revealed the secret there now was at least another who knew of the weakness and the person would shy away from one who knew as much about them as they knew.

There was one family that was going through a particular struggle. Two in-laws were at odds in a bitter family struggle. These two women knew Sarah and befriended her. They used Sarah's broad shoulders to cry on about the family struggles. One of them developed an illness that could be cancer and she panicked. Until the tests had run their course and she had the results she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Sarah was there for her at all times, comforting, listening and crying with her when needed.

The other gal had a deep dark secret that was coming to a head. She would refer to it in a vague sense. As the time for some sort of resolution seemed to draw near she finally revealed this secret with the caveat that Sarah could tell no one, including her husband. Sarah's husband pressured her to tell because he was acting like a Yenta. Sarah was also being pressured by a friend who was actually a Yenta. This Yenta friend knew both of the people involved and was watching the drama from afar. She tried to get Sarah to reveal everything she knew but Sarah stood firm. She was there for both of these women but kept all secrets to herself much to her husband's chagrin.

Then one day the gal with the fear she was going to have cancer got all the results back. The biopsy revealed only a fatty tumor. This person then reverted to her old self and increased her attack upon her in-law. The intensity of hatred was raising so much so that the family's Patriarch had to intervene and chastised both of them but especially the one who had found out she was well. This person formed a new alliance with a neighbor who knew all concerned. Sarah was being shunned.

Suddenly, the gal who had the deep dark secret abruptly stopped talking to Sarah and started avoiding her. Sarah was besides herself. She couldn't understand what she had done to deserve such treatment. Years went by and everything seemed to calm down with the family tolerating each other but never really trusting one another. Then one night when the Yenta previously referred to, was with Sarah, she told her that she found out that the secret had been revealed and Sarah was being blamed for the leak. The Yenta tried to get Sarah to tell her what could be so great that would turn a person's life around but Sarah never relented. Even Sarah's husband tried to get her to share with him, after all weren't they one? As it says in the wedding vows. But Sarah wouldn't budge.

Many years passed and Sarah got very ill and passed away never revealing the secret she was  sworn to hold. The gal with the secret always believed she was betrayed by Sarah and this was like a thorn in her side.
Sometime after Sarah's death the neighbor that revealed the secret, let it be known to some outsiders that the gal who thought she had cancer told her what the secret was. She decided that the sick, now well person, used people like pawns for her own purposes, be it good or evil, and would not say anymore about this matter. The gal with the deep dark secret never heard that it was her own in-law who betrayed her and to this day blames Sarah. Of course the perfidious one is still going about wrecking havoc on all who get in her way of enjoying life. I am sure she will eventually get her just desserts, in this life or the next.
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