Thursday, November 4, 2010


I saw Clint Eastwood's "Hereafter" and was enthralled. Read the New York Times' review for all the reasons I find compelling about this picture. One great part not mentioned by the Times was Eastwood's original music he composed. I am sure the arrangement only added to it but it was great. Not only did it fit the subject matter enhancing the movie but it reminded one of Eastwood's talent as a piano player. He had some terrific operatic pieces in the movie as well. I should point out that not all will find the movie as satisfying. I refer you to the New York Daily News' review which panned it giving it only one star. Read the both reviews and then go see the movie and see who you agree with. By the way the french actress has the type of beauty that is haunting and the children are so good you might think they are little people (midgets is a politically incorrect term).

I voted today. I like tea but only when it is brewed. Letting the bag soak until it releases all the flavor tastes scalded to me, and we can see how these tea baggers have a skewed vision with one of them in California suggesting second amendment solutions to voting problems among our legislature and one of them in New York telling a reporter who we felt was threatening his family, "I'll take you out!", sounding more like Tony Soprano than a guy running for office. Let's not forget the nutcase in Delaware who doesn't read much and reclaimed her virginity after she lost it but it didn't have anything to do with her dabbling in witchery.

Nobody made apple pie like my mom. The apples were just the right firmness, and the taste was sweet yet with a tinge of a lemony bite. Above all her crust was terrific. I always told her she had some crust. Only recently I realized what she made that was so tasty was probably clogging all our arteries all at once. She had the dough, used the flour, kneaded it carefully blending in lots of butter and Crisco. Her crust was flaky as anything and tasty and unhealthy. Remember when as kids we teased the fat one by calling him The Criso Kid, fat in the can. Funny, as unhealthy as it was, and the fact that I haven't tasted it in probably thirty-five years If I could, I would bring her back from where she is right now just to have another slice of her Apple Pie.

This Blog will end here the way it started by referring to the hereafter.
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