Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nobody Asked Me But Are They For Real?

According to The Tea Baggers, Birthers and everyone else who hates Obama he is not an American citizen who can legally hold the office of the President; He belongs to a fringe conservative Christian group who hates America; He is a Muslim in disguise waiting to subvert America at the right moment and he must of been plotting this since he was playing half-court basketball while he was a pre-teen. This implies he must of been a very busy guy who since he was a kid figured if he joined all the subversive groups he could hide his birth country and destroy America and let Islam triumph. Are they kidding me?

According to the Conservative element in our political midst we should privatize social security, gut medicare, medicaid and do away with the health plan just passed into law, keep the tax credits for the small portion of our society that holds the greatest portion of our wealth and this will make the poorer richer and the middle class stronger. Are they kidding me?

Based on who I know and what I hear the very people who benefit the most from social security, the new health law, medicare and medicaid, and will not benefit if the Bush Tax credits for the wealthy stay in effect,
support the conservative position. Are they kidding me or are they just nuts?

Have you noticed that most of the big banks are making tons of money and are paying very little interest to borrow money yet they pay practically no interest on their savings or checking accounts and have cut dividends greatly while their CEO's are making millions along with their other top executives? All this while they have continued to cut the work force or hire young inexperienced workers while getting rid of their older middle management? They do this while saying all their moves are in the interest of America. Whose America? They gotta be kidding me!

Have you noticed Wall Street is having a banner year. Goldman Sachs is making tons of money and paying very large bonuses. Yet unemployment is still around 10% with real unemployment around 16% and if you count in underemployment around 25%. Foreclosures are on the rise and middle class America seems to be getting screwed and loving it since they seem to support the very same people who are screwing them without even kissing them. Are we dopes or just gullible? They gotta be all kidding me!
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