Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Let Me Vent

First of all let me make it clear I voted for Obama and think he's way better than Bush. BUT what the hell is going on here? Obama promised transparency which I thought meant we could see what the hell was going on in our Government; that what was said was what was happening, good or bad. The other day I read that the administration, 'Bama or his spokesman said everything was going along to plan in Iraq and Afghanistan, which I figured we were winning and soon would move our fighting men back home. Does anyone think we are winning? By winning I mean defeating our enemies like we did in WWII, us crushing them. Iraq will take over as soon as it has a functioning government. Do you think that will ever happen? Even if it does go according to plan we will have 50,000 troops there. What is that chopped liver? No!!!! It is viable young fighting men who will be subjected to any violence that may come their way. Of course they will be protected by the Iraqi army. What BS is this? These people can't even defend themselves much less the greatest fighting force ever known. AND who among you think that if attacked these peace keeping troops won't fight back? Now to Afghanistan.

Since they got rid of the General who I guess showed insubordination every guy left says the Afghan war is going well, to plan. Yes we are protecting one of the most corrupt Governments whose people are stealing money we are sending in there to prop them up. AND if they aren't stealing they are shipping dope to our country so they can make even greater illegal wealth. We are fighting an invisible Army called The Taliban, who can defeat us in guerrilla warfare. So we should either get out of there or crush them with the might we have and damn world opinion. Most of the world wants us to lose anyway. You think different? You see any large amounts of other world soldiers alongside of us? Like the football coach in the beer commercial, says, "You play the game to WIN.", and to those who question that he says "Get Out!".

Why is it we can't find Osama Bin Laden? Have I misspelled a few names and words? Well I'm just a little guy venting but our Government is the richest, strongest one in the world and they may spell the names right and say the correct diplomatic thing BUT they can't find a guy who says he wants to destroy us. Doesn't that sound screwed up? Maybe if we really got mad and accomplished something like killing that guy or at least bringing him to trial I wouldn't feel like the good old US of A isn't the laughing stock of the world.

The last time we won a war was WWII, and Russia took us to the cleaners diplomatically, but we CRUSHED Germany and Japan. You fooled around with us and we stuck it to you and it took only 4 years. Since then we fought a stalemate in Korea, ran out with our tails between our legs in Vietnam but won in Grenada, boy aren't we good. Is Grenada bigger than any one of our States? Get my drift. Now here we are nine long years  mired in two little two bit countries. Either we play the game to WIN or we should get out. I only hope the Obama camp stops fooling itself that we are winning when we clearly are not and tries to PLAY THE GAME TO WIN!
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