Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Transparency/Information for Dummies

We hear the word "Transparency" and figure it means we can follow everything clearly. Right? Well I have to inform the geniuses in Washington that what is clear to them isn't at all to us. Let me refer to the "Bail Out" or what the heck ever you call it. Apparently there are a few or more spending plans to help us out of the financial morass we were in starting with those under the Bush Administration. The trouble is most of us have lost the clarity of what is happening. Therefore I propose this, let the Newspapers publish at least once a week a table with the following information: The Name of the Program; The date of inception and if applicable the date ended; The name of the Corporation; The amount disbursed; The Date of disbursement:
Amount Paid Back (if any): Balance to be paid; What was done with the amount Paid back; When if ever will the Balance be paid. I read that Citi paid $20 Billion and the stock that we held was going to be sold by the government and it would give us a profit. Since I read that information I heard nothing more and I'd like to know if the USA has made a profit or not. Wouldn't you? AND What the hell did we do with all this money? If we could put the pressure on our representatives to publish this information it would provide great transparency. Wouldn't it? Please don't let someone tell you this information is posted on the Internet. We dummies probably wouldn't know how to access the sites that have the information and if we did we probably get lost in the various names of the programs. Let's really get "Transparency"!
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