Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

Mother Theresa would have been 100 years old a few days ago, a remarkable women in life but have we forgotten her in this life? I know her order is doing well and she is being pushed for sainthood but little by little she seems to be slipping from our consciousness. We do seem to have a short attention span. But then again she wasn't glamorous like Marlyn Monroe; she wasn't flashy as Babe Ruth (how many home runs did she hit? after all what is really important?);she never molested any children as so many of our religious leaders seemed to do; she only spent her time trying to make the end of life experience a little dignified for those with very little dignity left to them by the cruelties of this world. She really wasn't so much fun, was she?

Mosque or no Mosque? Everybody seems to be getting in on this one, the politicians, the religious groups, the newspapers, all with personal agendas. And nobody is going to win this battle. It would seem to me if the charges that are being made against the people backing the mosque are true then not only should this mosque NOT be built but the backers should be jailed as enemies of the state. If the charges are not true then they have every right to worship on the ground they own. To me the desecration of the 9/11 site has already be done. It is almost a decade since that tragedy befell our nation and yet nothing is erected, nothing done until the finances were put in order. A grassy land site with memorials and at night two towers of light reaching towards the sky with the names of all who perished and helped and were physically sickened by the foul air that our politicians at the time said was OK to breathe,  were listed. People from all over this earth could visit, free of charge and sit on benches and reflect on man's inhumanity to his fellow man. But no, the people with vested financial AND political interests got involved and we have to build on such valuable economic land. THAT IS THE DESECRATION! Money above everything else, reelection above everything else, POWER NOT to the people but to the elite and damn the fallen.

Have you ever noticed that Poetry can elevate us?  I would like to close this blog with P'U PU Suan TZU,
selection from "Further Collection of Chinese Lyrics"

I live at the head of the Great River
You live at the Great River's tail.
Daily I think of you; though I don't see you
Both of us drink from the Great River.

When will these waters fail?
When will these longings end?
I have one wish; that your heart and my heart
Stay true to one's bond.

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