Thursday, December 7, 2017

I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over And So Is Love

The lyrics of the following song written so many years ago tell the story that laments
the love that's died but is trying to live a lie. So true then, still true now!

My blue horizon is turning grey And my dreams are drifting away Your eyes don't shine like they used to shine And the thrill is gone when your lips meet mine I'm afraid the masquerade is over And so is love, and so is love Your words don't mean what they used to mean They were once inspired, now they're just routine I'm afraid the masquerade is over And so is love, and so is love I guess I'll have to play Pagliacci And get myself a clown's disguise And learn to laugh like Pagliacci With tears in my eyes You look the same, you're a lot the same But my heart says "no, no, you're not the same" I'm afraid the masquerade is over And so is love, and so is love

The tales of the heart may be as old as time itself but the very human interactions
that give rise to emotions never do.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

All Or Nothing At All

He Reached that point where he realized that whatever they had they didn't have anymore. They were burning up the bed sheets and she said she never had love like she was having with him, it was filled with passion yet she knew that the passion never over rode the respect and pure love he had for her and she had for him.

But a couple of years into their relationship she ran into her old love. Suddenly it became important for her to speak with him quite a bit, whenever he called she was there to talk about whatever they had to talk about. The fact was she started to see him occasionally and while he was sure she never cheated she did make sure she told him that her old love tried to come on to her.

Eventually the passion that was so important to her lost the fire and their sex lives became indifferent. Eventually the passion was lost, the fire was gone. She didn't think it was necessary to touch, even holding hands stopped. Can anyone imagine a relationship where the very touch of each other turns one off? He couldn't and tried many times to see if they could reignite at least a little flame. The only words left that would define this relationship were "I love you." whenever they would depart or send messages. He felt this would never be what it once was and that was OK with him if they could just shake hands and say goodbye it was fun but the what was isn't anymore. But she just didn't want to give up the ghost and let go. The old touch song, "All Or Nothing At All" caught his feelings.

 All or nothin' at all
Half a love never appealed to me
If your heart, never could yield to me
Then I'd rather have nothin' at all

All or nothin' at all
If it's love, there is no in-between
Why begin then cry for somethin' that might have been
No I'd rather have nothin' at all

Oh please don't bring your lips close to my cheek
Don't smile or I'll be lost beyond recall
The kiss in your eyes, and the touch of your hand makes me weak
And my heart may grow dizzy and fall

And if I fell under the spell of your call
I would be caught in the undertow
And so you see, I've got to say "No, no"
All or nothin' at all
All or nothin' at all

He wasn't sure where this would end but he was sure it would end because he really felt any relationship he was in had to be "All Or Nothing At All"!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The New York Yamkees

I was about five years old when I went to my cousin Tom's room and he had the Yanks on the radio and a big poster of Joe DiMaggio hanging on the wall. The pin stripe uniform looked great on someone who was an Italian stallion before anyone ever heard of Sylvester Stallone.  He was the toast of the country with a song that led the charts with lyrics that said "Joe, Joe DiMaggio we want you on our side!".

The Yanks were my team through the war years WW II and on as they built a baseball dynasty that seemed like they'd never lose, but they did and years through the middle 1960's through the late 1979's were miserable until they won again with Reggie Jackson hitting three home runs in one World Series game.

Teams left us, The Brooklyn (Dem Bums) Dodgers and The New York Giants went to the other coast but the Yankees stayed home always giving the fans the best they could. The Mets came along in 1961 I believe with a first year line up that resembled the Brooklyn Dodgers but the team that left gave us only aging ball players that tried hard but truthfully didn't have much gas left in their tank.

Another dynasty was built in the 1990's with the core four led by Derek Jeter and the glory years returned. I have been a Yankee fan for 78 years and saw great teams and great players but the Yankees of 2017 will be my favorite from now on even though they didn't get to the World Series. Why? one may ask! I'll tell you why, because they played the game with joy, gusto and elan never losing the fact that it really doesn't matter if you win or lose (winning is nicer though) it's how you play the game that counts.

They Played the game with joy. They looked like they enjoyed every minute of the time they were out on the field including work out times. They never scowled when they lost or were in individual slumps and future stars were seen giving ball to kids, taking selfies with them and always smiling. They didn't cheat, the younger guys had respect for the veterans and the veterans had respect for the younger budding stars.

For me they brought back memories of so long ago when I played sandlot ball loving every minute of being on that baseball field. They may have lost the big baseball prize but they won the hearts of the fans young and old alike because they brought the game back to us, to me anyway, of when I was young and the game was full of heroes and fun to play win. lose or draw.

Thank you Yankees of 2017. You guys are great!

Friday, October 20, 2017

White House Chief of Staff

John Kelly (General Ret.) was stunned and shocked at a Representative of Congress for making statements about his Commander In Chief's seemingly lack of empathy that she overheard by invitation of the fallen soldier's grieving widow. He also commented on how he was stunned and shocked by the lack of respect shown to women, religion, and respect for the great sacrifice made by our heroes which are the very few who defend this country.

I have questions. Did you know that Donald Trump never served in the Armed Services because he got a doctor's note that said he had problems with his feet? Did you know that Donald Trump attacked Senator John McCain for being captured by the enemy while he was serving our country very heroically, a gallant soldier like yourself? Did you know that Donald Trump bragged about his fornications and committed adultery? Did you know that Donald Trump admitted that he assaulted women as a matter of fact just because he could? Did you know that Donald Trump attacked a gold star family because they expressed different views than him?  There are many more questions that could be asked but we shall let the investigations answer those.

General Kelly the main question arises because your were stunned and shocked at all this the other day showing great distress and dismay; Why are you still serving this person who has brought disgrace to everything you hold sacred? You are not an empty barrel but sometimes it sure sounds like you are. Don't let this man ruin your reputation. Stand up for what you say you believe in.

Don't be a cover for a disgrace or else you shall be one also.   

Monday, September 11, 2017

Where Did It All Go Wrong???

He spent some time thinking about this situation that happened, which by the way he never sought but she did, which caused an upheaval in his life that went from the heights of love to the depths of despair until everything just leveled off and he was left with Alfred Lord Tennyson's quote. " 'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

Admittedly, their attraction was more physical than spiritual although he wanted it to rise to the level of the spirit but she never really wanted that. They knew each other when they were much younger but they went their separate ways many years prior to their chance meeting at a department store. They both noticed each other at first glance even though they had changed greatly over the years, yet there was something that rang through to the brain lobes as soon as their eyes met. After they stopped for only a bit showing mutual recognition acknowledging one another they started to part. But as they were about to go their separate ways they reached out to shake hands and as soon as their skins touched it was like a chemical reaction was set off in each of them, somehow sexual recognition was there, a want, an attraction something unexplainable. So he asked if they could get together for lunch and she said sure.

They met for lunch at a place near her work. There was a parking lot that allowed her to drive to it so they met at her office and drove to their place where she parked. They were more than middle aged but they had lunch with two glasses of wine. Then they got into her car. She wanted to wait for the wine to wear off. However before they knew it they were making out like teenagers with hormones running wild not caring if anyone would see them no matter how foolish these "older" people looked.

He didn't live alone so they had no place to go to fully consummate their desires, but the opportunity came up a few times. It was then that she let him know that relationship of more than a decade just ended because the passion had gone out of it and her lover wouldn't leave his wife and she's always be "the other woman".

They realized they couldn't keep this up in cars or a chance visit to his place so she suggested the place she knew, one used in the other relationship because he went back to live with his wife.
He should've recognized the change in her as soon as they entered the room but he was blinded by his own desires and didn't notice that she wasn't sharing anymore she was directing, where they would sit, how they would drink their wine and talk before they stripped and entered the bed.

The real tip off should have come when one day she said our relationship was cutting into her friendships that she had for many years and she didn't want to lose them. Among the people she wanted to keep in touch with was her old lover who for some reason she had an attachment relating to her family that needed continuation.

Their love making started to cool. Suddenly what their attraction was, was being explained as infatuation which of course would cool. Then whatever they did did not satisfy her. At one time the fire burned so fiercely they didn't have to think about what they did but now they did. They argued quite a bit. She constantly compared him to her old lover to whom she kept in contact with. She didn't cheat physically but created an environment in which he felt like he losing everything in this relationship. Plans to spend time together away from home were no longer desired by her. She finally reached the point where they wouldn't touch at all, no hand holding, her head wouldn't rest on his shoulder, they'd kiss hello and goodbye but closeness in mind, body, life in general was over.

He came to the conclusion he caught her on the rebound. Once the rebound was over he figured she really didn't understand where her feelings were at. Perhaps if her old lover left his wife she'd go back to him, perhaps not but she certainly seemed more in tune with him as she might be with anyone else.

Now this relationship is one he really doesn't want but he doesn't know how to break it off without it becoming a breakup with the worst feelings generated by words that wound deeply. One thing is sure he doesn't want to keep running in neutral and being rejected while there are still places to go and explore.

Friday, September 1, 2017

September Song (May/December Relationships)

September first of any year always brings to mind that life no matter how long is relatively short and wasted in many cases. This is expressed so vividly in the great song from the 1938 production, Knickerbocker Holiday when an older guy tries to explain to his younger love what life and love is all about. Today he might very well be laughed at but George Bernard Shaw  seemed to catch the irony of it all when he said the following which is ascribed to him:"Youth is wasted on the young.".

For those caught up in this type of relationship and for those who might be in the future I have printed the lyrics to"The September Song". Those who have eyes read and let it sink in. For those who want to hear it performed go to uTube and type in the the title. Enjoy!

When I was a young man courting the girls
I played me a waiting game
If a maid refused me with tossing curls
I'd let the old Earth make a couple of whirls
While I plied her with tears in lieu of pearls
And as time came around she came my way
As time came around, she came

Oh, it's a long long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
And you ain't got time for waiting game

When days dwindle down to a precious few
September November,
And these few golden days I'd share with you
Those golden days I share with you

When you meet with the young girls early in the Spring
You court them in song and rhyme
They answer with words and a clover ring
But if you could examine the goods they bring
They have little to offer but the songs they sing
And the plentiful waste of time of day
A plentiful waste of time

Oh, it's a long, long while from May to December
But the days grow short when you reach September
When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time for the waiting game

Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious few
September, November
And these few precious days I'll spend with you
These precious days I'll spend with you

Sunday, August 6, 2017

This Time The Dreams On Me

"This Time The Dream's On Me"

Somewhere, someday
We'll be close together, wait and see
Oh by the way,
This time the dream's on me

You take my hand
and you look at me adoringly
But as things stand
This time the dream's on me

It would be fun
To be certain that I'm the one
To know that I, at least, supply the shoulder you cry upon

To see you through
Till you're everything you want to be
It can't be true, but
This time the dream's on me

It would be fun
To be certain that I'm the one
To know that I, at least, supply the shoulder you cry upon

To see you through
Till you're everything you want to be
It can't be true, but
This time the dream's on me
This time the dream's on me

I sung this to someone in another time , another place. Unfortunately she wasn't able to respond but I know she heard me and soon this time the dream will be on both of us.